TV Mount Solutions

When i search Tuff Mount A2025 online some searches say that it is for a 65" TV… Curious how big of a tv this really supports. I have a 70"

Hmm. I did a quick search and it looks like there are a couple models, one (which is the one we have) is the Full Motion, one doesn’t appear to be full motion. I’m checking with the buyer to be sure, though. Check back for an update.

UPDATE: Buyer confirmed, up to 90". Hope that helps!

Cheaper at walmart.Plus free shipping

One place states this is for a 13"-42" TV and under specs it is for 37-42" TV. Which is correct? I want this for my 19" kitchen TV.

Is there a website or compatibility guide for the Tuff Mount A2025? This is the first time mounting a tv and I am trying to figure out if this would work for my Aquos LC-52D64U.

A few observations - everyone is discussing the A2025, but the listing is actually for the A2026. That having been said, I have the A2025 in use with a 60" panel, and it works fine, although I will say, that out of the box, the articulation was extremely difficult/high resistance. To give you an idea, I’m 6’4" and 290lbs, and I had to absolutely whale on this thing to get it to move in and out from the wall - I felt like I would break the glass on the TV if I pulled on it to get it to fully extend. I probably should have returned the thing, but instead, I disassembled all the joints and applied lithium grease to all the carriage bolts and washers that would bear on the ends of the joints. After that, it moved very smoothly, and I’ve been very happy with it. I will also say getting the TV screen level was a little bit of a pain, since you need to take the TV off the mount and adjust the rotation of the metal panel that the TV mounts sit on via the 4 bolts that attach the metal panel the articulating portion of the mount. This was made more difficult by the fact that the metal panel itself was not really square, so I couldn’t just level the metal panel - I had to set it, put the TV on, check for level, and then iterate until it was level. This was kind of a pain with a 60" panel. Again, I’m happy today, but this was more work than it should have been.

I think this would still be cheaper than WalMart, assuming you need all 3 of the mounts in this package deal - Walmart is $55.83 each, so it would be just shy of $168 versus the $140 shipped from Woot.

The mounts are pretty universal - as long as your TV is within the size range, you should be OK - just check your TV manual to make use your set has the VESA mounting points required to bolt to the mount.

I am happy with the mount but as stated above it was very hard to move. Not sure if its a design flaw or they are forgetting to put grease on the moving parts? I was also not a fan of it that there were not any end pieces to stop the TV from being slid down the line if its not level.There are screws in the back but they do not go into anything and I am not sure if a young child would want to move it or not.