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the A2025 is ten dollars less on new egg:

Beware: Ordered 2 of the Level Mount PT400 Ultra Slim Pan/Tilt Mount for 10-40" TVs (Under Specs says it mounts on Metal)

I received 2 mounts Not for Metal stud mounting and for TV sizes 10-32"

In the process of returning them

I ordered the Tuff Mount A2026 last time it was on here for a Samsung 51 inch plasma.

The thing is pretty flimsy and it really strains with a 46 pound TV despite the specs. I did not want to trust it.

I ended up getting an Omni mount for the Samsung. I am stuck with this one and probably will find a use for it with a light 32" somewhere. It is also hard finding the manufacturer’s website information.

Walmart has it for $42 now compared to $59 here and has similar poor reviews

Not now! :tongue:

We’ve lowered the price. If you already bought, the money will fly back to you soonish.

Anyone know for sure if this one goes verticle and has 100x100 Vesa?

Level Mount LMDSK30SJ Single Arm Desktop Mount for 10-30" TVs


A very similar model on Level Mount’s website says there are VESA 75, 100 and 200 mounting pattern standards available.


Beware I bought a 3 pack about two month ago along with two shelfs of the mounts and they only shipped one out of the 3 I have been in dispute with woot over a month and they claim this vendor is the the actual issue. They tried to pull a fast one sending packages separate totaling 3 packages (two shelfs and one tv mount) then they reported back to woot that all packages were delivered. Makes me think twice about doing business again with this site.

Does the A2016 swivel 190 degreees left and right? If it does, getting it ASAP.

Tuff Mount A2026 Articulating, Full Motion Wall Mount for 32-62" TVs

$20 cheaper at Walmart

I just got a 51" plasma Samsung. that’s in need of mounting. Would you recommend your “Omni” mount? Does it fully articulate?

You probably have the same TV. Yes, the Omni mount fully articulates and seems solid. It also has great reviews everywhere compared to the Tuff Mount. It is $20 more but for the piece of mind, it was worth it to me. I learned a lesson not to buy things like this mount where it is not easy to return when you are not happy with the product.