TV Mounts

noticed that the Tripp Lite DWF3260X is listed at accommodating 32"-70" TVs here. on other sites, it’s listed at being able to handle a max of 60". needed clarification?


Perhaps they fixed it, but looks like 70" to me.

We went by the Tripp Lite specs which show 32-70"

here’s the same mount at amazon for considerably cheaper.

[MOD: I see $149.36.]

Are the HDMI cables being sold rated for in-wall installation? I can’t seem to find it in the description

This ones a bit cheaper at Walmart. But not so great reviews either

Does the Tuff Mount C7026 Ceiling Mount for 37-72" TVs rotate or only tilt?

Anyone know how wide the wall mount panel portion of this unit (Level Mount LM65MC Cantilever Mount for 37-85" TVs) is?

There are definitely much cheaper TV mounts listed on amazon.

One word - “Monoprice”

If it’s not listed in the specs, I highly doubt these have CL2 rated outer insulation. If that’s what you need, you can find nice heavy gauge CL2 (in-wall) rated HDMI cables for similar prices on Monoprice. I wired our home theater with all in-wall rated cables (HDMI, Component, VGA, RCA, 12AWG speaker cable) from Monoprice. Their quality/price cannot be beat even with their somewhat pricy shipping… That said, this Woot is a pretty good price for the lengths. But, to compare apples to apples, it would be nice to know what AWG these are. 28AWG cables are going to be a LOT cheaper than 24AWG cables…

Once again - Monoprice. We got an articulated, tilting corner mount for a 42" plasma for around $40

I purchased the Level Mount LM65MC Cantilever Mount for 37-85" TVs, and the box that arrived indicates this mount is for 34-65" flat screens. This is fine for my 46" TV, but if you were planning to mount your 70-incher, you might need to reconsider.