TV Mounts

Not all of them list VESA compatibility. Does that mean… ?

Looks like two are missing that info. Let me see what I can find out.

PS: Be sure to look on the Specs.

Update: the last two are universal to fit all VESA configurations.


Just gotta say this - On one of the thumbnails, I thought the wall mount was using one of the most sacred curse words of all, until I realized the M was obscured by a bracket, and it would have spelled “MOUNT.”

This was mentioned last time they used these images. :wink: lol.

I need one that I can put outside on patio but wondering if it would be easy to remove the TV when not using it to keep it out of the weather. It is for a 19 inch and I am looking for a swivel and tilt bracket that I can disconnect the TV from to take it out of the weather when not in use.

I came in here just to see if anyone else noticed, and if so how they would say it in a most PG-friendly manner. You achieved this and more: you made me crack a wry grin. Thank you for that. :wink:

I had that same thought when this deal posted! It definitely made me do a double-take, and then I giggled. :smiley: