TV Mounts

For a second, I thought the top image said *unt instead of mount.

I have one of these mounts- GREAT product. Solid construction AND you can lock your TV to it. Not an easy thing to steal.

Does anyone have a link to the installation manual? Thanks.

Is the installation guide available online? Thanks.

You might be able to find it by using something called a “search engine”…but no worries…I got this for ya. has an installation video:

Ditto. I think that’s a sign I should go back to sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, same. Definitely a double-take moment.

I don’t think that was an accident :wink:

Does anyone know if you also mount Monitors with these? Specifically I have a 27" Dell and I’ve got my eye on the tilt and swivel mount but I don’t know if it’ll work. I know monitors have a different standard mount than TV’s but some work with both. Anyone know?

Thanks in advance!

When do you plan another event on TV Mounts? I missed it and need to mount 3 flat screen TV’s