TV Stands & Media Storage

I’m happy the phone booth cabinet isn’t blue.


It would sell a lot if it was blue.

Is the door glass frosted or clear on the Pacini model with the three sliding doors? Really considering that one.

Hmmmmm. Good question. We’re checking with the vendor. I’ll update this post when we hear back.

I own a Baxton Studio TV Stand, not a model that is being sold here, but pretty similar to the Gosford one. I have to say I love it, these are nice, understated pieces and they are sturdy. I would recommend having a helping set of hands for the set up, but it’s nothing a man (or woman) and his (or her) screwdriver can’t handle.

Good luck and happy buying.

Thanks for the re-assurance. The 4 reviews I saw on Amazon were 3 bad and 1 good, plus I still don’t know if the glass is clear or frosted. For the price, I decided to pull the trigger anyway, and bought it yesterday. Mine existing unit is falling apart after 12 years!

I ordered one on the May 29th, but I’m still waiting to receive mine. The FedEx tracking is a dead end.

[MOD EDIT: Removed tracking #; privacy]

Please be aware that standard shipping on items is usually 3-5 business days from the sale (sometimes much sooner than that).

We recommend that if you don’t see any tracking updates/activity by tomorrow, please write into and let them know.

So, it’s June 10, 2014, and I still haven’t received my order. I called FedEx, who claim that the package under tracking # 287311653486224 was never received by them. So, I called Baxton Studio Outlet at Bensenville, IL. They have a Woot order rep there who claimed that FedEx picked up my shipping on the 30th and that I should call FedEx. So I called FedEx again, and they claim the same thing again. They said that they would have scanned the package if they had picked it up from Baxton Studio. I called Baxton studio again, and they told me this time that my order was shipped out on the 2nd. That’s a lie. Then the Woot rep wanted to get me off the phone. I check back with FedEx for a third time, and they said the same thaing and told me to contact the shipper Woot/Baxton Studio. I was hoping to get the furniture in 3-5 business days like said in the listing . I can wait 10 days, but I doubt that I will get it by today evening.

ajumatt: I’m sorry for the frustration. I’ll add you to my afternoon report.

I also placed my order on the 30th, received my order confirmation, then a notice of shipment, and now nothing. The tracking number activity hasn’t changed at all since the initial email saying it had shipped on the 2nd. I should have received this a week ago, in fact something I ordered several days after has already arrived. Is this happening a lot with this particular order?

Sorry for the problems. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

So, my order was on backorder! Thanks for letting me know Woot! I had to do my own research and call Baxton Studio Outlet, who has a Woot Order rep (Ann). The rep said my order was on backorder and it will ship out today (1 month later).