TV Stands

Is the Bush VS50752-03 Pemberly TV Stand Black or Brown?

This has a mink (dark brown) finish. Hope that helps.

I have the Bush MY10942-03 New Haven. It was easy to assemble and looks quite nice.

Which one of these will hold a 70" TV?

So do any of these have the capacity to hold a really heavy piece of equipment? My surround sound amp is 95lbs, and I just haven’t found a stand that can hold it up off of the ground outside of the professional “equipment rack” market. I would like something a little less industrial looking, and ideally something that wasn’t as expensive as the amp.

I would also like an answer to the question of weight. I need a rolling tv stand for an OLD 32" tv that is in the 120+ lb size. This monster is heavy and is just a regular tv and not some old-style cabinet tv. I also would like something sturdy, yet modern, and not remotely resembling some industrial rack. Any suggestions?

I bought the Pacini stand with the three sliding doors last time this was on sale. This unit is your typical particle board furniture, however it does seem to be built a little nicer than your typical Walmart stuff.

We had trouble with some of the long pieces dowel and cam bolt holes lining up properly, but we were able to get it together. The biggest downside of this unit was the feet were made of plastic not metal. So when we flipped the unit over during construction, one of the legs snapped off. A quick trip to Ikea for some Capita METAL legs to replace the cheap ones on this and we were back in business.

As far as heavy items go, I wouldn’t put anything real heavy in this unit until you replace the plastic legs. Otherwise the unit is pretty sturdy.

Oh, one more comment, there are only three small cut outs in the backboard, which aren’t sufficient for cooling your components. We added some cut outs to the back to allow more airflow, especially when the cabinet doors are closed. (We like to keep all our components neatly tucked away behind doors and use RF for control in lieu of IR).

Does anyone know the dimensions of that open cabinet shelf on the Bush VS46852-03 Clifton TV Stand? I have a center channel id want to fit in there that is a wee bit beefy.

Was the stand black or brown?

Some of the stands have the weight limit and size of TV recommended in the features or specs.

If you’re interested in one that doesn’t have that information, let me know which one and I’ll see what I can find out.

Does anybody have the exact dimensions of the Baxton Studio WI4885 (3A) Ferguson Dark, especially the open compartments? And is there a weight limit for the TV (mine is 55", ca. 80 pounds).

Dimensions are on the specs tab:
Dimensions: 63" x 15.36" x 16.93"

I’ll ask about TV weight/size and see if I can get info on the compartments.

I saw the overall dimensions, I’m interested in the open compartments.

very dark brown almost black

Here are the dimensions of the compartments of the Ferguson while facing the stand:
drawers: 16.5W x13D x5H
the space above the right drawer while facing the TV stand: 20W x14D x 5.1H
the space above the left drawer:18W x14D x5.1H
top piece that would hold the TV: 47.25W x15.38D, so this stand would hold a 47 inch TV
top left shelf space: 16.5W x15.38D x6.38H
bottom left space: 16.5W x15.38D x6.38H

I have sortof a weird question about the Bush VS11550A-03 Segments Swivel TV Stand:

The top part which actually mounts the TV, can it be reversed, or otherwise be made to securely hold the TV in the opposite direction?

I see that the description says there’s a 10deg swivel, but I’m interested in making the TV face the opposite direction by hopefully mounting the metal brackets in backwards.

Can anyone tell if that’s possible?

That would fall under the at your own risk and against the manufacturer’s instructions clauses.

I’d also worry about the balance.

Does anyone know a weight limit for the Baxton Studio FTV-906 Armstrong Dark Brown Modern TV Stand? If I could get some dimensions of the unit as a whole, that would be appreciated as well.

I’m also curious about the baxton armstrong stand. I’m assuming the 48.9 is the height of the shelf piece on the left; I’d like to know how tall it is on the right where my TV would go.