TV You & TV I

Does an imp live in this place? Why is the table 6" tall and couch 12" tall.

Just people who like to be lying down constantly and need everything comfortable/available from that position.

Maybe it’s just me, but that sofa looks darn comfortable. I’d nap like a champ on that thing! How about more details about that piece of furniture Woot!

Eff the TVs, sell me that sectional!

Wow! If possible, I’d buy the room/view/couch as a package. Don’t know where I’d put it as it looks as though it’s the size of my entire First floor.

See that little Vizio emblem on the corner? Well the packing material in the box is crap and after Fed Ex drops the box a couple of times, it’s history. Mine arrived DOA.

Decent TV’s in an awesome room.

It’s more likely going to sit somewhere like this, bwah!

I want the couch. :slight_smile:

Is this the 2012 or 2013 version?

Just got mine delivered today! took the box off to realize it was upside down, but didn’t think much of it…Set this bad boy up and plugged it in…to realize the screen was F’ed when it turned it on…DOA for this guy as well!

as did mine!!! couldn’t have been more disappointed

Same here, TV still worked and looked awesome but corner was smashed.

80" model would be nice, but so would 2 of the 70" model and a couple hundred dollars left over…

The reason why it’s such a big price difference is because the 70" isn’t 3D but the 80" is.

I bought the 3D LED 55" and the LED 40"… Both worked perfect and I was happy with the packing. The 55" is crystal clear.

Yea, no seriously Woot can we get info on that couch? That is like the napping spot of my dreams.

I wants it, and I gunsta haves it.

To purchase the seat of luxury, one must test your powers of Google-fu.

I bought a Sharp Aquos 70" at Costco two months ago, and the PQ isn’t anywhere near as good as my 60" Sharp. Despite my best tuning efforts, the colors are muted with a gray tint.

I have never returned an electronic before, but I just haven’t been happy, so I’m thinking about returning it, and picking up the Vizio 80" for about the same money.

Squaretrade, or no Squaretrade?

I bought the refurbished VIZIO E470i-A0 47" from Woot one week ago. Sadly, it has several dark spots where the LED backlights have gone out.

You can see more pictures of the problem here:

I have messaged Woot, but haven’t heard back yet. I hope I can exchange it.