TVs? Aye!

I want one for my vacation home, but only go there on the weekends. I won’t be able to fit one in my car though. Would it be possible to have this delivered on the weekend?

I’m not sure which one you’re asking about. My guess is that you’d have to schedule delivery for the 70", though.

Drives me nuts that the one I want only has two HDMI ports. Am I the ONLY person on the planet with more than 2 HD devices?!

What is this madness? More than 2, you say? Insanity. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m getting the 28" to use as a computer monitor. It only has 2 ports as well. Hopefully that’ll work out for me.

What is the warranty on a refurbished TV?

Depends on the offer.

You can check at the bottom of the “Features” listing for the warranty coverage:

I just use an HDMI Switch that lets me combine 3 HDMI cables into 1 that connects to the TV or A/V Receiver. Actually bought 3 of them here on Woot:

Works great and makes it much easier to move things around the entertainment center since I don’t have to worry about routing the cables. Still have 2 I haven’t used since the kids haven’t give up control of the living room aka playroom.

Also, you can get some of these TVs brand new on Amazon with a 5yr SquareTrade Warranty just little more $$$.