TVs Bigger Than Most Pets

I own the Sharp 70 LED. I bought it to replace a 58" Plasma because we run it basically any time we are home and the plasma was sucking power and putting off heat like crazy.

The out of the box settings stink, but if you do a search you can get settings from a couple of forums that make it a very nice set. The picture quality isn’t as vivid as the Plasma (Plasma still has the best picture) but I was able to get it close. I have had no problems with it and would highly recommend! The price is quite good. I paid about the same for my local Costco’s floor model.

I own the 70" LED backlit LCD. The picture quality is not the best, but it’s nice to have such a large screen in a big room. To elaborate on the picture quality, the back lighting doesn’t seem even and looks cloudy especially in dark scenes. I’ve seen the same TV at Sam’s with the same issue but less exaggerated, probably due to the brightness and contrast being cranked up.

I paid $2650 for this TV new about 2 years ago and it’s definitely been worth it for what it is (a bigass screen).

It’s Viewmongous!

Like I posted already, I had issues at first too… I researched settings and they are almost all gone with the tweaks. The out of the box settings stink.

Looks like VIZIO E701i-A3 is the same one that was on tech.woot last week and I regretted not buying it; now they’re giving me another chance but making it harder with all these other choices!”-Class-1080p-120Hz-LED-HDTV-LE58FHDE3000X.product.100039973.html

Refurbished should go for less.

I don’t see the same TV listed on here, not even the brand or size. So what are you talking about?

Compare apples to apples.

so someone can’t post if they’re view is about the same?.. wth is that about

I have the 70" Sharp. I think the picture is exceptional. That is, with HD TV and connections. I replaced a 55" Samsung Plasma, which did run hot. It only lasted a couple of years…and cost plenty. The viewing distance to the 70" is about 14’. I feel the 80" would need a longer viewing distance/room. Speakers are good, for a flat screen. I returned an LG awhile back because the speakers were horrid and the picture doesn’t compare to the Sharp.

Did a little 55" research since That’s about the size I’m looking for…

Same refurbished model pricing:
Walmart - $699.72
TigerDirect - $649.99

Amazon - $816.96

bought a tv from woot recently, found that you cant change or cancel your order in any way. Had recently moved, forgot to update, emailed minutes after order. they told me to find a way to intercept the package. Got it from UPS, the unit i got looked like it had been returned already or something. It wasnt packaged properly, the glass side was against the box. the back of the tv had padding. this box was inside another box that had padding again only on one side. the glass side in all was the side with no padding. the tape on the inner tv box pealed off like it had been taken off several times <— why i think it was returned.

When you turn the tv on you hear a loud pop. Woot is offering full refund and provided a shipping label to return the defective tv. Putting a sticker on the tv saying that i returned it on x date, maybe someone will get it after me.

We now have a new Order Cancellation process to allow members to cancel their orders within 15 minutes of the purchase.

After you return you defective television, the television is usually processed and returned to the manufacturer. Returns are never redistributed back into future offers.


I bought a woot TV about 3 weeks ago and I noticed a huge crack in the plastic on arrival. It was clear that the crack was in the plastic before it was wrapped and boxed so the quality control just didn’t care. All of the protective guarding was immaculate including the Styrofoam surrounding it. This isn’t woots fault it was the manufacturers fault. I decided not to return the TV since it still functions well and woot has never done me wrong in the past. Sometimes you just bite a bullet for a quality place that you know had no fault and sometimes you can’t. :slight_smile:

Sharp 60" vs. LG 55". The 5" difference isn’t a huge concern to me; what I care about is picture quality. In reading reviews, some question the 120hz claim on the LG, but there are concerns with the Sharp too.

So - which one should I get?

If buying the “Xtreme Cables 18013 Flat Adjustable Wall Bracket with Tilt & Level for 32-60” TVs" don’t trust the level. China has a different interpretation of “level”.

Did you read the posts IN FULL? If you did I doubt you’d make such a quick assumption… Especially since the guy was trying to help. But his bad, right?

I’ve had a 32" LG for 3 years now, and honestly it’s the best TV I’ve ever owned. Super reliable, great picture, been moved three times, syncs perfectly with my LG bluray. I won’t buy a tv from anyone else again.