TVs for Gaming

Any comments on the practical difference between the Samsung UN32H5203AF 32" 1080p 120 CMR LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi and the Samsung UN32EH4003 32" 720p LED HDTV?

I compared the specs listed. I don’t know enough to know if $40 is worth the “upgrade” to 1080p.

Two good sites I use for checking actual specs…

This one explains every spec and how it relates to your viewing experience.

and for input lag by model

Thanks. The first link made my decision for me.

That’s a decent price on the big UHD Vizio. But for $40 more on the 50" you can get a brand new one from Walmart.

Some of these are good, but the others-60 Hz for gaming? Pass.

As far as I know, there are no HDTVs that will allow true 120hz from a PC. If you want better than 60FPS you need to step up to a dedicated PC monitor. If you’re using a console, you’ll never get more than 60 frames as they are designed for TVs.

The Vizio P series have a feature called High Velocity Mode that allow true 120hz input from a PC. The only reason I’d buy the P series is because of this, as I’d really love to have the option.

Woot should put the Panasonic 4K TV’s they have displayport and would be perfect for computer monitors.

I actually revisited the topic as I haven’t looked into it for a while. Apparently most TVs that do 3D have an internal refresh of 120hz (60hz for each “eye”?). So I’ve seen reported success of getting such a set to display true 120hz, but it seems like a bit of a kludge.

Hopefully by the next time I’m ready for a new TV it won’t be such a rarity. Thanks for the info!