TVs (For Next Season's Hits!)

Pity the 75" Samsung is Last Year’s model…

Vizio 23" E231I (SmartTV with WI-FI)is $149 NEW with free shipping on the popular auction Bay.

For all things woot is great for…TVs are not one of them. More expensive than a lot of places sell them new.

And the 65" Samsung…I just got the Quad-Core version, New, for that price.
So…no thanks on the TVs, woot.


Do love the Bryce Harper “Where’s the ball” face.

That’s clown fielding bro

I probably would get one of these good looking TVs, but the last time I bought something ($360 electronic device) off woot I saw it here again a week later for $80 less.

I think I’ll keep waiting.

suggestions for PC monitor for the smaller tvs?

How old are you people at woot? It’s been a long time since Summer meant only reruns. Quite a few shows run new episodes all Summer long. It’s NEVER a bad time to buy a new TV!

I like your attitude!