TVs for the Bedroom

I bought the Vizio M551D-A2 3D tv when it was on here for $519, there is a lot of talk about this generation of TV having a horrible remote that doesn’t work well. I’m still not certain of the IR function of the remote, but it also paired with WiFi direct on my TV and I had to point it every which way before it catch right a send the power signal to turn on or off, but some time while I was out of town the last two week it updated it’s firmware and now the remote functions perfectly, though I’ve only tested the WiFi not the IR.

Why is it that the cheaper 55" model appears to be superior? It has a wider dynamic contrast ratio, though I guess that doesn’t count for much if the absolute contrast ratio is worse.

My 47" LG that I bought from woot broke last week, and it seems like it would cost half as much as a brand new TV to repair, so I’ve been looking for a replacement/upgrade. One thing I’ve been keen on, since I primarily use them for gaming, is response time on the screen. The LG was an impressive 5ms, but I’m not seeing these statistics always reported with the TV’s on sale now. Is there some way to get those numbers?

I have a (slightly) off-topic question.

What is that crazy art beside the TV in the main picture? Borg Elvis and Geiger Monroe? That’s awesome, I want those.

If you are looking at the E550I-B2 check Amazon, it’s available NEW for only $20 more.

I got the VIZIO E241-A1 24". Turns out there is no stand included. The instructions even includes a sticker placed on top of stand-related content that says ‘Stand not included with this unit’.

It did include a separate thing-a-ma-jig that seems like it was a stand for a smaller TV but does not fit the 24" in any way. Thing-a-ma-jig is not mentioned or pictured anywhere.