TVs for the Big Game

Not for the big game but I got the 19" version of the Coby (refurb)all in one off of here maybe 6 months ago, and it is already fuxsword. Started with turning on randomly at night full volume on static. Now it wont turn on, unplug it wait for a while, works for about a minute and then the picture goes and emits a very high pitched whine. Wish I would have read some reviews on the brand before purchasing this for the kids room TV. UGH.

I am actually in the market for a new 55-60 inch television but I can’t seem to find any real knowledgeable reviews on the curved Samsung TVs offered. I have had a real interest in the curved TVs but I don’t want to get one simply for the curve appeal and lose out on picture quality. I am trying to find out if anyone knows the real rates on these TVs and how well they handle deep blacks.

No LCD/LED TV handles deep blacks well. A curved will have no advantage over the other higher end flat panels for black.

If deep blacks are what you require to enjoy watching you should go plasma or wait until OLED prices come down. They do very well with blacks…they are just pricey right now.

Much like 4k a curved TV is still just an LCD screen and has its limitations on deep blacks.

If the woot warranty has already expired contact your credit card as most of the extend the manufactured warranty even if it’s a refurb.

That 80" is cheaper elsewhere for new, not refurb. Hardly a deal.

does the wi fi full browser on the 40 inch mean you can view all internet content as if you are on a PC

where is an 80 inch cheaper?

I own the 55" Samsung UHD curved unit. It doesn’t handle the darks any better than a normal unit. It is actually worse if you are viewing from an angle since some of the pixels are actually facing away from you. The curve only helpful when you are directly in the center of the TV or close to the center since the pixels all shine directly at you. Stunning colors and very good contrast.

This TV has TONS features. The controller works like a wii-mote, has a voice search option and learns how to control your other devices. Web browser, smart hub, screen-cast… the list goes on. Nothing on this unit feels cheap.

I paid $1300 right before Christmas which is a good price. I think they are in the $1500-$1600 range new. Well worth the $1200 they are asking. I am very pleased with the TV.

Same price here for “refurbished” as many have for new

Refurbished for the price of new…come on woot.