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I just opened my refurbished vizio TV and found no power cable no remote and no screws to mount the base?!?!?

Just got my tv. Well, kinda. I ordered the 39" TV and had the 23" delivered. I guess I could see how you make that mistake… Oh, wait, no I can’t. This is like the 4th order in a row I’ve had problems with woot. Frustrating.

Having the exact same experience. Hope returns are straightforward…

I believe I had the exact same issue. Just notified them. Did anyone have a problem with returns?

I got the VIZIO 24" 1080p Razor LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi and it’s a piece of junk. Will not connect to wifi. When wired to the modem it just freezes all the time. Had to constantly reset it to factory defaults just to get it to do anything, and now it won’t even power on. Never had a problem buying anything from Woot before (refurbished or otherwise). Hope they jump in and help here too.

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with your Vizio.
Have you tried contacting their customer support page?
The TV should possibly still be under warranty and Vizio can help assist you with fixing the issue.

If you contact them and find they’re unable to find a resolve, please feel free to email into and let them know.