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random question about the UN55F6300AFXZA is it manufacturer refurbished? or refurbished by a 3rd party?

Other reviews for the Phillips 22 inch tv say it only has 1 HDMI port, and not the three listed. I can only see one in the photos. Can you confirm it has 3?

Factory reconditioned denotes the manufacturer did the reconditioning themselves.

Refurbished means a certified partner or 3rd party did the refurbishing.

Hope that helps clarify.

I’m willing to bet, based on our pics, that it’s only one HDMI port. I emailed our buyer to confirm, though. I’ll update you when I hear back.

UDPATE: It’s 1 HDMI port. Thanks for pointing that out!

I own the VIZIO E320i-A0 32" 720p LED Smart TV as well as a similar model, both bot from Woot. Very pleased with them and enjoy the Smart TV aspect. I think this TV is a great deal.

I have the 24" Vizio Smart TV in my kitchen. It’s a great TV. The picture is among the best at this size, the apps are snappy and work well, and it has a super thin bezel. This is $40 off of the new price, so not a bad break with this TV already being a great value. Only real downside is that there is only 1 HDMI port.

You can buy a version of the remote that has a QWERTY keyboard on the back for about $14 on Amazon.

If a seller says an item is “refurbished”, then that is saying that it is NOT “factory or manufacturer refurbished”. No way would a seller leave this very important information out.

Move on, because it could mean that the 12 year old kid down the street refurbished this item, and that is not a good thing.

Love the fact there was only one of the UN60F6350AF before it was sold out!

What’s the warranty on the LG 4600 refurb, and is there an opportunity to purchase an extended warranty on this TV?

My question is about the VIZIO XVT3D580CM. Is there any record of how many times one may have been refurbished? As I understand it Vizio stopped production, made no updates for firmware and doesn’t stand behind this wide screen. This has been on Woot many times and always has comments about being returned and yet a few months later they are back again.

My first “flat screen” ever was a refurbed 32 inch olevia that I spent close to what I paid for that 55 inch samsung. That TV lasted forever and I only sold it because we were moving and had no need for it. We also have an old vizio refurbi that has been running for years and years.

I won’t say I’m not nervous about the purchase, but if it’s in bad shape at arrival I have no issues returning it. It’s a good price for that TV and worth the shot

For the Samsung UN55EH6000 55" 1080p LED HDTV what file types can you play via the USB?

We are the manufacturer of this product and I can confirm that we do our own refurbishing for products we sell to Woot. This product is in fact “manufacturer refurbished” and carry our own 90 day warranty. Sorry for any confusion.

Can this be used as an external monitor for a Macbook Pro?

Does this apply only to the Phillps tv on sellout.woot? or all the TVs in this deal? I’d assume my samsung was not refurbished by Philips?

Yep, only Philips :smiley:
We get more specific on each of the sales pages if you do end up having a question about who’s warranty-ing what.

Figured as much, he/she replied to the answer to my question, that made me confused a bit.

Do you know which 3rd party warranties the UN55F6300AFXZA ? It’s not all that important since I already ordered, just a curiosity thing.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Sure thing! It actually looks like yours has a 90 day Woot warranty, more info towards the very bottom of the page here. You also have time to think about getting a SquareTrade warranty on top of that if you’re hoping to extend the 90 day one!

I ordered the 55" Samsung and though my order is listed as ‘delivered’ on 1.21, I didn’t receive it. Since the same thing happened MORE THAN A MONTH AGO (12.16) with another, if less expensive item, and I STILL HAVEN’t HEARD back from Woot, I hope that someone here may pay attention to this message… I’m very concerned, also b/c this refurb only holds a 90-day warranty.