TVs Need Furniture Too

4% off? Really? 4 whole percent? Don’t think this qualifies as a Woot or even a Woo. It’s barely a Wo.

This is actually less expensive on Amazon, plus the potential for free shipping. I did buy this last summer and I absolutely love it.

(Edit: the gray industrial wood shelving unit and tv stand…)

Do you have a link to the cheaper listing on Amazon? I only see a more expensive price.

Why can I not find a picture of this ash grey or charcoal grey tv stand that is in color? All the pictures I can find of this thing are like a black and white photo with maybe a few colors heavily accented. The unit itself is impossible to tell the real color of. Who is the marketing genius for this company?

“Total Number of Shelves: 4”

Any reason, then, why the photo shows 5 shelves?

Technically the top of the stand wouldn’t be considered a “shelf” so it was listed as having 4 shelves: