TVs Of 50 Inches Or More

I own the Vizio with no problems and am very pleased with the picture, and the apps are nice also. 4 HDMI which is nice becuase I do use everyone and the remote is good too because it has a keypad on it to search for things w the movie apps. Would recommend 100 times over.

Also I KNOW there is bad reviews on different websites about this TV, but do me a favor and find a TV that has a perfect 5 star rating without 1 bad review, THEN you can talk.

What’s the difference between the two HDMI cables?

EDIT: Beyond one being flat.

That’s the difference - flat vs. round.

What are the ends on the cables? The photos make them look like one end is standard and the other end is a mini.

No, they’re standard HDMI cables. The smaller appearance of the connector on the far end is just a product of perspective. It’s the flat (bottom) side of the standard HDMI connector.

Nah, both are regular HDMI ends. It’s just the photo perspective making it look smaller.

AHHHhhh… Thanks! makes sense… Stupid forced perspective.

Anyone have any opinion about the Tuff Mount Wall Mount?

(I can’t say anything about the wall mounts, I’ve never lived in a place where I could own one)

Amazon has the LG 55LS4500 55" “used” (not refurbished) from $610, with 3.9/5 stars.

Dear woot, I’m sadly disappointed in this “sale” I’ve been looking for a 60+ inch tv for some time, unfortunately I can get most of these tv’s cheaper elsewhere.

The consumers

Having just bought a 60 inch Sharp TV in the past couple of weeks, I can attest that the Sharp on here is a steal. That model is $1300-ish pretty much everywhere for a new one… $400 discount for a refurb ain’t bad at all.

Not sure I’d want to spend that much on something with a 90 day warranty though.

The 70" vizio is $1600 in stores so this has it listed as $1299, $300 off is a steal :expressionless:

$1600 mind you, is the SALE price.

I bought the E701i-A3 during a previous Woot offering and really love the TV. Great value at $1299.

Best Buy is offering the same Sharp 70" 3D LC-70C8470U refurb for $2699.99.

Woot is $1000 cheaper. But then again at $2699.99 Best Buy offers free shipping and the same warranty.

Any take on the Vizio 65 vs Sharp 60…about the same price…both have 240hz refresh rates.

I have the Vizio as well, and while it’s generally been a great TV, if I hadn’t had a squaretrade warranty on mine I would have been out of luck. After the Vizio warranty expired the picture started fading and then cutting completely out, although the sound continued to work. Apparently (according to the internet) this is/was a fairly common issue. Squaretrade guy came, took the back off the TV, replaced 3 or 4 circuit boards, and I haven’t had a problem since. Not sure if I’d pull the trigger w/o at LEAST a year warranty/eligibility for third-party extended warranty.

how much is shipping?

$5 per cart order.