I got the Philips 40" last Black Friday for $200 (as a refurb) and it’s been working great, definitely a great TV for the price, but you MUST get external speakers, the built-ins are worse than what you’ll find on most TVs and unacceptable even for people who usually don’t care about audio quality. At $280 it’s probably worth spending a little more to go with a Samsung.

The DISH Tailgater package with the VIP 211 HD receivers a really good deal. I have the setup I purchased from DISH a few years ago and love it! (cost at that time around $700) We take it with us in RV and the setup is as easy as setting the tailgater on the ground, running the one wire from the receiver to the Tailgater, hook up the HDMI cable to the TV and you are done. We also take this with us to our Gulf coast Florida condo and set it on the balcony. If you have a beach condo most HOA’s will not allow the metal dish on the balcony or building. The tailgater does not draw any attention to it’s small size. Just remember, you have to have an unobstructed view of the South West sky for the Tailgater to work with the Dish Network satellites.

And the Tailgater!

Hmmm… The VIZIO 55" Razor 240Hz LED Smart TV with Theater 3D, M551D-A2 is cheaper on newegg right now “refurbished” for $794

Who did the refurbishing on the Samsung UN40EH5300 40" 1080p 120 CMR LED Smart TV with Built-in Wi-Fi? Manufacturer or third party?


I can’t seen to locate if the TVs come with any sort of warrenty (Even like a 30/60/90 day) I see that you can get one with SquareTrade for 80 dollars or so, but I’d hesitate to do so unless there was no support at all for it otherwise. (Other than the 21 day return policy on woot)

Look at the bottom of the first tab (not specs). The ones I’ve looked at have a Woot 90 day limited warranty link.

So how does Woot ship these larger TV’s? UPS/Fedex ground, or a freight carrier? Is it the type where you can schedule a delivery?

50" and larger ships via freight carrier. Make sure you give a physical address and that your phone number is correct in your account. The carrier will call you to arrange a delivery time.

Is the Tailgator really needed? 1 Cellphone + Dish Anywhere App + Video cable from cellphone to TV = same thing.

I believe the Dish Anywhere App only streams what you have recorded on your DVR at home, not all the programing and channels you are subscribed to. Am I wrong?

I own the 60 inch Visio TV and it’s a GREAT deal, especially at this price! (I paid about 100 bucks more from Amazon in March)

As a refurb or new? Found a seller refurb of it on ebay for $999.

Read this article!!! Before you buy
these are not true 120Hz. They use SPS to upsell these t.v.'s. The deals are still good don’t get me wrong but do your research before you buy.

come on where are the big boys at i didn’t see any 80 or 90 inch tv’s

Exactly do your research a few of these are true 120Hz TV’s it takes a second to copy and paste the brand/model number and find results that show true Hz

How much does the tailgater month to month payment structure work?

Are there penalties for starting and stopping?

Very interested in this…

yes you are wrong. the app streams your live TV and recordings. assuming you have the correct receiver.

from what i saw, pay as you go plans range from $45 to $75. you can shut off service at any time with no fees.

if you are interested i’d buy this up, this price is half of what DISH sells it for.