Tween Furniture

It’s hard for me to believe the leopard chair is only 25.5" tall. Is that the height of the seat? And yes, manhandsha, I am thinking about buying it.

er, rogetray. i should probably remember who was working since i just talked to you. MONDAY amiright?

What’s with Woot? I posted this question like an hour ago and haven’t heard back. I’M DONE.

I’d probate you for trolling but I can’t imagine the punishment I’d receive following the ban.


Yes, it appears that the rest of the Internet agrees with the specs:


Overall Product Dimensions: 25.5” H x 30.5” W x 25” D

Weight: 29 lbs

Thanks d00d. But seriously, if it’s 2 feet tall on the backrest this is a chair for toddlers.


Does anyone happen to know the weight limit these hand.y chairs can hold please?

This does appear to be kids furniture, not for Tweens and definitely not dorm rooms.

After much hunting, I finally found a lifestyle image to give you some perspective. It’s more of a lounge chair, I guess…


From what I’ve heard, most furniture manufacturer’s test to about 200-250. They don’t test until it breaks.

ADQ needs to knock you down a few more MPs for being a PITA, Sam.

Having said that, I thought these are super cool ottomans, especially for those of us who have a beloved family member on the autism spectrum. Can’t buy now, but will have to keep my eyes open for them to come up again.

I will point out that the total chair height isn’t too bad, since the height of a toilet seat is 14-17".

But (OH) my aching knees! I’d never get out of it again.

I’m almost afraid to mention that Sears has the yellow and green puzzle ottomans for $7 less and there’s free shipping to the store. Find them here.