Tweets are for Birds

Is this the new “Trix are for kids”?

I think someone’s become a little bird-brained over Twitter.

So if my assumptions are correct, twitter was originally invented for the birds? And than somehow the humans took over? And now we tweet instead of birds? I like!!

Maybe if enough people buy this shirt social networking will essentially be defeated…then the people may rise up in some sort of integrated tee shirt likeness revolution, a sort of hybrid social networking real life endeavor in its self.

The bird is the word.

Congrats Jas! I really liked this one too!

:slight_smile: Got my order in.

Chirp chirp.

Tweet tweet.

Er…maybe I should spend less time watching Umizoomi with my baby brother…

so what happens if i share this on twitter?

I think the concept is well executed, except it should definitely be on a light blue shirt.

humans have taken over whistling from the birds, this is the next step in world domination!

This would be fun to wear to the next local tweet-up.

Tweeting tweeting birds
Sharing useless information
Bieber likes hot dogs

What’s next? Myspace is for the vacuum of nothingness that wholly engulfs our planet?

A murder of crows come to rip out your heart and feast upon your soul.


I’m so tired of seeing shirts with computer, technology, internet, and/or geek references.

So it’s nice to see a shirt we can finally all relate to, with a humorous cereal reference. Silly rabbit. It’s about time.



If I buy more than one and give it to a friend, is that a re-tweet?

Matthew 6:26 - “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

once again, the shirt color is wrong. Is it Woot! or the shirt designer that decides the color of the shirt?

Love this shirt. In for one.