Twenty Rows Sauvignon Blanc - 4 Pack

Twenty Rows Sauvignon Blanc - 4 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: White
4 2009 Twenty Rows Sauvignon Blanc

CT link above. New wine for this winery in CellarTracker.

Winery Website

“Succulent melon, ripe pear and fresh lemon grass mingle together in this medium-bodied Sauvignon Blanc. Fresh lime peel complements the subtle mineral quality while added layers of tangerine and honeysuckle round out this crisp, aromatic wine.”

No MLF on this one?

Twenty Rows on Yelp

The wife loves SB! c’mon rats tell me a tale.

Edit: Appears to be sold out on the web site.
Edit 2: It also appears to be their first vintage of SB ever.


From the website’s technical notes:

“Comments: This is the first vintage of Twenty Rows Sauvignon Blanc. Next year we will make more so we don’t run out the same week we release the wine. Cheers.”

“Released May 1, 2010”

Woot must have bought most of the 500 cases and has been sitting on them for 5 1/2 months. Really? why not put these out sooner?

Just to be clear, Woot is not the seller of any product on wine.woot. It is the winery or other seller as applicable.

Fixed orig. post, thx.
D@mn champagne

We understand if you blame post errors on booze. Beer and Bourbon for us. Happy Thursday.

Refurbished wine?

Affordable stuff (for wine.woot).

I’ve been thinking about a white wine lighter than Carneros Chardonnay. I read, just today during the woot-off, that Sauvignon Blanc is the typical California Wine. (I think I was on the California State Fair wine competition website at the time.)

But I think it was Peter Wellington who expressed concerns about the Rousanne “unfreshening” over the winter. Is that a concern here, as well?

Ok- then the tech notes seem to be saying that the winery sold out within a week of release… now they have enough for a full woot 5 months late. Were they creating a false impression of scarcity then or did they reserve a spot on woot and now is finally their turn?

Same bottle on sale for $14.45?..would make $58 plus higher shipping…so not a bad deal still and the girlfriend does complain about too many huge, manly reds…

Looks like the Sauvignon Blanc got a good review in the yelp page…

Who knows the exact story. Perhaps the true seller acquired directly from the winery to sell via wine.woot?

But you have to pick it up in New Jersey!
Sounds dangerous with all those crazy housewives and Jersey Shore cast members hanging around.

I’m in for 1. And for those that need clarification, the following is a quote when you buy from wine.woot:

“■Wine sold by winery (or a retailer in your state where necessary)”

I’m telling you, it’s refurbished wine. (Not that I actually know, but it’s plausible.)

In my fevered brain, I imagine they got a distributor to agree to distribute it, but (because California is awash in wine at the moment), said distributor was unable to get it onto store shelves at any reasonable price and sent it back (must have been on consignment). Rather than dump it at the Grocery Outlet, here we are at woot, where the winery can make friends and influence people, and hopefully build a market for this year’s crop.

Either that, or they have the world’s worst store room manager, who misplaced 500 cases of wine for 5 months.

“Better to be drunk and wrong than error-free and stone-cold sober.”

You are in a much better place than I am.

This is a wonderful bit of conjecture. (and here’s some more) But the more likely scenario is that a deal was made way back before the Grappler was on WineOWoot that the SB would make its way to the site and that a certain number of cases were reserved at the time. So in a way, saying they are sold out could be 100% correct.

But in your story, they should have put it up here in July for summertime drinking. I realize that there were several cries for white wine during the woot-off, but this really does seem like a hot-weather beverage.

Of course, I expect no difficulty in selling out 500 cases by Sunday night, so how bad a decision would it have been?