Twenty Rows Sauvignon Blanc - 4 Pack

Twenty Rows Sauvignon Blanc - 4 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: White
Product: 4 2009 Twenty Rows Sauvignon Blanc
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whew, me no likey the SB. This is good for my wallet.

I bought this last time. It’s a decent every-day drinker. Not the best SB on the block (just opened my Morgan SB and it was amazing.)

Thank goodness… I needed to see an offer that didn’t appeal to me!

Agreed, decent but nothing special.

My state is on the list for this one but not the last one. Does it change with the brands? Amy insight would be appreciated Thanks and Enjoy!

Yes, it’s up to each winery to deal with each state’s regulations.

I’d recommend it, really enjoyed the only bottle I’ve opened so far. Citrusy, in a muted, wine kind of way.

If I didn’t have 3 left I’d be down for more.

Some wineries may or may not have licenses to ship directly to customers in certain states.

I see. Thank You.

Finally, something I have no problem passing on.

Picked this up last time for my wife and its good but not great. Cooked well into a risotto last night. I felt we could get SB of equal quality at a similar price from a lot of places.
I probably wouldn’t go in for these again unless we were low on SB. But we definitely have a lot of it right now.

have the lonen cab or truchard tempranillo been wooted off yet? Ive been at work and barely got to a computer. thanks!

You can see what all has been “wooted” by looking at the list of offerings in the Woot Wines forum - anything with a date of Nov 30 was wooted during the woot-off.

To answer your question specifically, no, neither of those have been put up yet.

No, you can check what’s been up so far by clicking the “Woot Wines” button up in the top left corner of the screen.

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Bought this the last time it was up and don’t love it. Drinkable but one bottle was straight up carbonated…? Handed a few over to ask other opinions and others have said “eh.”

Sorry if this further kills it the movement of these bottles.

We had the same experience with the carbonation in the first bottle we opened after they arrived. I don’t think we let it rest enough after shipping because the rest were fine.

Thanks for the notification sign-up.