Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress and Contour Pillow

See sellout.woot for the queen size!

I just bought the queen on sellout

$100 cheaper than it’s queen sibling on sellout! Alright…


I wonder if this thing is actually comfortable.

WTF? Where is my SOG knife? And all you ninnies need to stop QQing about the Baggy Old Concubine…

who is going to use this thing? Interwebz = no sleep…

Hmm this doesn’t seem too bad, but no brand name makes me wary.


I like


I see woot is promoting sex… selling mattresses… tsk tsk

These will go fast…

I have a full size bed. I reallly want one. So first queen, now twin.


There better not be a lot of these…

I wanted crap not this crap.

Hahaha I was sure I was on sellout.woot when this popped up. Wth?

4lb density is good, its like costco nova foam. tempurpedic is 5.3, if you like a soft memory foam this works well.

About to buy the queen now…