Twisted Oak 2006 Spaniard - Two Pack Woot Info Post
I’ll show you!

Twisted Oak 2006 Spaniard - Two Pack - $59.99 + $5 shipping

2 * 2006 Twisted Oak Spaniard

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Twisted Oak 2006 Spaniard - Two Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 2 2006 Twisted Oak Spaniard
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Winery website

This is a great price on an incredibly delicious wine out of Calaveras County.

Hi folks!

El Jefe is out and about in Reno schlepping his wares under the watchful eye of the rubber chicken, and has asked that I step in to answer any questions you’ve got about this offer!

Before it’s asked, since I know you people, the good folks at Twisted Oak believe this one will age nicely 10 years after the vintage, so it’ll hold well to 2016. But it’s drinking beautifully right now.

So lay it on me - what’ve you got for me?

Ah! This stuff is sooooo good! Its already a little warm to be shipping to AZ though. :frowning:

Here’s a bunch of info about this wine per the Twisted Oak site:

$50/bottle, not even considering the ship price. Good deal. I’m broke.

Does it work with a Big Mac?

True. This normally goes for $49.00/bottle directly from Twisted Oak. And then there’s your shipping on top of it…

So really, if you were to just get one pack, you’re getting a 56% savings.

Two packs will get you a 58% savings.

And Three packs is a whopping 59% savings!

The write-up mentions a “hint of Spanish leather”; would that be rich, Corinthian leather, a la Senor Montalban?

This wine is absolutely compatible with a Big Mac - but you’d be better off finding a Little Lamb to have with it.

Ooh I like the way you think. Why don’t you get some of this, and a bunch of leathers and have a little experiment and let us know the results? :slight_smile:

This sparks my question, since the weather is getting pretty warm, is it feasible to buy in the summer months?


Damn you woot off!!! In for 2…3rd order of 2 woots so far today. Good thing I just ordered a new 960 bottle wine cellar.

WD usually does a pretty good job of making sure the wine travels in style. He keeps an eye on temperatures and tosses in some frozen ketchup packets with the shipments that are going to questionable places.

Make sure you check out the Geek Sheet for more technical specs than you can handle!

Question - what sort of fun and interesting activities can you do with ex-frozen ketchup packets?

I heard Mary had one.

They make great building blocks to build a fortress to protect you against incoming flying rubber chickens, if you can save up enough of them.

They’re also great fun to randomly throw at people. Or squirrels. Rotten squirrels always eating my bird seed…