Twisted Oak 2006 Spaniard - Two Pack Woot Info Post has cooties

Twisted Oak 2006 Spaniard - Two Pack - $59.99 + $7.00 shipping shipping

2 * 2006 Twisted Oak Spaniard

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Twisted Oak 2006 Spaniard - Two Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 2 2006 Twisted Oak Spaniard
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5/26/2010 (woot-off)

ok people love this. but why?! I hear it’s a n autobuy for some… but we needs data like what kidn of wine is it… CA, old world, ingternational, SuperRioja, or what?

Such good stuff.

I’m wondering the same. Comments people, hurry!

My middle name is Inigo

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Excellent reviews on Cellar Tracker

There are 80 of these being sold.

Loving the wootoff now! smooth perfectly balanced not a bomb in any respect.


Well I might just be able to answer some questions for you, just in case el Jefe is unable to pop around!

Here’s the thread from the last woot-off

It’s a Spanish blend, mostly Tempranillo with a little Grenache thrown in. TO only has the 2007 up and alive anymore, so my specs for the 2006 are, well, not at my fingertips.


previous one

previous two

thakn you Cheron (just seeen that)

here’s what you said last time. though that’s more varietals, it might give an idea of their wines. This Spaniard… is it like a specific old-world type, or entirely unique?

The 2005 *%#&@! is doing really beautifully right now, so I would imagine the 06 is coming into its own right about now and should hold strong another year or so.

Just recently had the 2005 Tempranillo, and it also is doing amazing. Convinced a friend of mine who was very anti-tempranillo to try it and it’s converted her. I would expect this one to continue to hold up for a little bit yet.

I made a mental note on the 2006 Grenache to hold it for a bit before getting into it from when I had it last April. Now is probably the time to go nuts with it.

My estimated drinking windows:
2006 *%#&@! : Now - 2014
2005 Tempranillo: Now - 2013
2006 Grenache: Now - 2012

(that’s what she said)

That’s inconceivable!

In for two . . .

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Mhmmm I used to look at those wine.woot packages and drool and say 3 things.

1)I wish I had a job
2)I wish I had money
3)I wish I lived where this could be sent.

With a move from MS to TX, I’m done to the first two only now.

Mhmmm Tempranillo

Yeah, but that ain’t the Spaniard :wink:

The Spaniard is BETTER.

Oh, and the bottles are 750ml, but the physical size is considerably larger than your typical 750ml bottle. I have mine resting comfortably in my magnum rack, just because it fit so much better there.

I’ve really been wanting to try this one. Glad it came up but sad for my wallet.

We should read more.