Twisted Oak 5-plus-1

Twisted Oak 5-plus-1
$79.99 $̶1̶2̶5̶.̶0̶0̶ 36% off List Price
5 2011 Viognier, Calaveras County
1 2012 Picpoul, Calaveras County
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Just had a bottle of 2005 Viognier…don’t drink this stuff right out of the fridge, let it get closer to room temp, just a slight chill, and it opens up and is terrific!

Love Twisted Oak whites - can’t go in due to space constraints, but I hope there’s some left for the wootception!

I would love a couple of bottles of viognier, so anyone in upstate NY I would be up for a split.

I had a wine dinner tonight, sorry I’m late.

As always, you can visit for more info about the wines - and a special video treat, the singing of the Viognier back label!

That’s especially true about the 2005, and also speaks to the age-ability of Viognier. This Viognier wants to be a little cooler but over time I expect it to develop more roundness. You’ll want to hold back a couple bottles for sure.

Make a few salads and you’ll have room in the crisper :wink: See you at the wootception!

El jefe - why do you do this to us? Just as we’re putting our list together, this comes up. Now, we were planning on having a few bottles of Picpoul on that list for the Wootception, and here’s one on here. With a boatload of the Viognier, which I have had the distinct pleasure of having aged. So do we buy this and have it “shipped” right back to you for the upcoming extreme awesomeness, or do we sigh and suck it up and get a pack sent home as well as get the aforementioned list, or do we do the unthinkable and pass simply because we have this little shindig happening in August? Decisions, decisions. Guess I’ll have to wait until HAK wakes up :slight_smile:

Even at Twisted Few wine club prices, with tax and shipping figured in, this is about a $13 savings for me, so yes, I’m in.

The Wife has gushed about the Viognier, so I had to jump on this. Picpoul is an interesting bonus, so any comments on that one would be welcomed.

aggggghhhh! I am supposed to be saving $ so that when I am at the wootception I can buy wine to bring home…now I see it here!!! agggghhh what to do, what to do…

Never had a bad wine from Twisted Oak. The voignier is great, have yet to try the picpoul, but I’m sure it’s a noteworthy wine. Temped to order to appease SWMBO with a white wine offering (I usually only order reds). . .

Last Wooter to Woot: ajrod27

If anybody in the south bay wants 2-3 bottles, let me know.

I’m interested in 2 bottles. By the way, I still have the bottle of SB for you. Remind me next time we meet. :slight_smile:

Cool, I’ll let you know when they arrive.

Temporary thread hijack:

Winemaker Clark Smith aka WineSmith will be in the Cleveland, OH area tomorrow, Saturday July 13. He will be pouring his wines and discussing his new book “Postmodern Winemaking”. Admission is free, wine and light snacks are provided.

Click Here for more details. If you can’t make it tomorrow, you can also have an opportunity to meet Clark at Markko’s Vineyard in Conneaut, OH on Tuesday July 16, 2pm. Again, see link above for info.

/thread hijack

I’m actually pretty excited about the Picpoul as we go forward. It’s such a refreshing wine - we’ve had a bit of a heat wave here in the Foothills and I think it kept me alive for a few days. :wink: I wanted to add something interesting to everyone for this deal - I wish we could have included more than one bottle of the Picpoul but we didn’t get much last year. We’re working on getting more this year!

No worries. Clark is a great speaker and has a wealth of knowledge. If you can get to this you should!

Where/whom are you sourcing the Picpoul from?

ok. I did it…I pushed the big yellow button!!