Twisted Oak Albarino (4)

Twisted Oak Albariño 4-Pack
Sold by: Twisted Oak Winery
$52.99 $98.00 46% off List Price
2014 Twisted Oak Albariño, Calaveras County
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Hot digity!!! In for one for sure.

I’ll take a split if anybody wants. Not molarcae’s favourite varietal for some reason.

So in summary - this is a brand new release this month. It’s crisp and spicy and delicious. Any questions?

The wineries site says the normal price is 19.00 each and so four would be 76.00, so let’s get it right and not miscue unsuspecting buyers.
I do like wine made with the Abarino grape, very refreshing.

So Woot is now including shipping in the price. We’re a small winery and don’t have the leverage that Woot does. If you ordered from us it would be $98 including shipping. That’s what it costs us. That’s your point of comparison!

Is this your first Albariño bottling?

rs on this?

^ Yes to this question. IMO Albarinos usually have a decidedly tart finish which I don’t get from the write-up.

CT shows 2013 and 2011 vintages previously. Not much action on the 2013 but the 2011 has positive tasting notes from some of our resident experts. I love me some Albariño (and TO wines in general) and this is the first woot wine that has been shippable to Ohio in 10 days but my HIWWBM (Heat Imposed Wine Woot Buying Moratorium) stands.

OK, I have more wine in my cellar from Twisted Oak than any other producer right now … and yet, I have no Albariño. :frowning:
(And apparently I’ve only ever had one bottle, of the '11, in the past.)

So … auto-buy for me, especially when it’s about 13% cheaper than even the wine club pricing (and is currently showing as “Coming Soon” on their website!)

always great to have el Jeffe on board.

question. are you getting any impact from the northern CA fires?

No, this is the third vintage from this source.

Pretty much zero. It’s dry.

Ours is not the tart-est Albariño on the block, but it still has plenty of acidity.

>knocks wood< The fires local to us have so far been very small and quickly contained. The bigger fires so far have been way north or south of us, no smoke this way.

We did have one larger lightning-started fire over the mountains from us (the fire folk said the tree got hit by lightning and smoldered for a month before bursting into flames, I have no idea how they know that!), maybe 30 or 40 miles away. No smoke from that and the forest got a nice cleansing actually.

So far so good… >knocks wood again<

El Jefe makes some yummy wines!!

Isn’t this the way nature intended it to work, back in the pre-Smokey the Bear days? I heard a report on NPR the other day indicating that it still works that way in Baja California.

I share your concern, but the combination of TO and Albariño proved irresistible. Besides, it’s cooler in St. Louis today than it is in Buffalo, so I decided to risk it, with SWMBO’s blessing.