Twisted Oak Calaveras Petite Sirah - 3 Pack

Twisted Oak Calaveras Petite Sirah - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
2 2007 Calaveras County Petite Sirah
1 Randomly selected 2004, 2005 or 2006 Calaveras County Petite Sirah
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Previous offer:
1/24/11 (07 PS here)

Wow, this is a great offer! Darn.

edit Oh wait, and a Woot-off to boot! edit

How did mill beat me?! Sheesh!

In for two. Great to see El Jefe and TO back, and all this Petite Sirah will do us well. This woot-off, however, will only cause ruin. I might have kept it to just one if I’d realized.

So now here’s hoping no more offers that are too tempting :wink:

Edit: what? Now it’s Sparky?! Double-dang!


Oh, and about the wine! El Jefe was pouring this at Dark & Delicious in Feb. All of these are excellent. If you like PS, you will like this. If you don’t like PS, then give this a shot any way and maybe it’ll change your mind.

It also goes amazingly well with bacon bread pudding.

Good luck with that.

I’ll second this. Really enjoyed the 2007 from one of the other TO Woot packs.

Uh oh, another woot off. My wallet is still begging for mercy from the last one.

I really enjoyed the 07 I got from a previous Woot offer.

SWMBO is going to severely maim me. I just put our honeymoon on the card today, and now a wine.woot!off. I just hope she doesn’t look at the credit card too close this month…

Oh hell I love TO, and just received club shipment :HAPPY:

I did NOT need to know such a thing existed.

bacon bread pudding?? recipe, please?

Apparently there isn’t a whole lot of this one to go around… I guess I’m going to risk the heat on this one. Can’t pass up TO.


Yes. Yes you did. I don’t have the recipe, though. Maybe if El Jefe pops in tonight he can give all of us the recipe!

I suspect it’s easy enough, though…make bread pudding, but while mixing it together and putting it in the pan, add in some crispy maple-glazed bacon bits. Then make a caramel sauce.

Sure we can … it’s what we do!!! :wink:

  1. It’s Twisted Oak
  2. It’s Petite Sirah
  3. I’m in :tongue:

Edit: Oh, and 4) You’ll be sorry if you don’t!!! :tongue:

There is a bar in town that sells Neuske’s bacon covered in chocolate. So how about chocolate covered bacon bread pudding? eh? eh?