Twisted Oak Cockamamie Mixed Red Case

Twisted Oak Cockamamie Mixed Red Case
$104.99 $180.00 42% off List Price
2013 Cockamamie Syrah-Petite Sirah Monastrell
2013 Cockamamie Monastrell Tempranillo
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El jefe was just trying to sneak a cock onto the label. I’ve had a bunch of TO reds and can say that they are great young and with some age on them.


haven’t wine.wooted in a long while, but people seem to like twisted oak.

at $9.30/bottle it can’t be too big of a blunder.

El Jefe is always welcome. An early adopter of wine.woot.

Smart, fair and a strong negotiator. A friend in the industry (i’m not alone here…)

makes some damn good wine.

I’m not familiar with TO’s Cockamamie wines. Is this a new second label, like Tudor’s Nacina wines?

I’m in…hope to enjoy soon. Wine.WOOT! has not let me down, so far.
I’m just happy when they can ship to MI, ha ha.

I am similarly unfamiliar, despite being a Twisted Freak club member. Please enlighten us! (Though I suspect a case is a little rich for my blood this week, tragically.)


I can’t find anything about Cockamamie label, even on the TO website. Hopefully someone got a sneak peak (and sneak taste) on Thses and will chime in.

Isn’t monastrell just another name for Mourvèdre? Could this wine be similar to River of Skulls?9

PM for you.

This looks like an auto-buy, even though I already have more bottles of Twisted Oak than anything else in my cellar.
(And yeah, the Cockamamie name is news to me, too.)

I don’t need more wine now, but just curious about the drinking window?

Mourvedre from its native land of Spain! Love it. In for one.

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Doesn’t matter if this is a second label. Jeff only has one standard of excellence, and he’s an absolute genius with Tempranillo and Monastrell. This is an autobuy.

Any chance the winery or WCC can tell us what the back of the bottle says regarding produced and bottled by:

It tells a story sometimes…

Or maybe if ElJefe stops by he can just tell us the idea behind the different label.

Also, what’s the AVA on these?

They can ship to NH according to their website, but not seeing listed here. Woot Staff?

In for one. I try to always support low cost cases of reds, unless there are some red (ha) flags in the comments.

Interesting. . .

agree, but I must say, I am curious why we still don’t have an answer on the 2nd label question. super top secret or what?