Twisted Oak Cockamamie Re-Mixed Red Case

Twisted Oak Cockamamie Re-Mixed Red Case
$104.99 $180.00 42% off List Price
9 2013 Cockamamie Syrah-Petite Sirah Monastrell
3 2013 Cockamamie Monastrell Tempranillo
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Interesting side discussion on these last time.

grabbed the last 6+6 mixed case and recently CCW’d the cap on the 2013 Monastrell~Tempranillo. No notes, but I recall it as a tasty bottle; especially nice if you consider the QPR.

I’m curious, what did you think of these wines? Did you detect any smokey notes?

not a lot of this. note the bottle ratio of the case offer is different.

thanks again el jefe.

Oh pooh! Why’d this have to be the first one of the woot-off when I wasn’t awake?