Twisted Oak Cockamamie Re-Mixed Red Case

Never mind what I originally wrote.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving

So 9 bottles is a case in this instance?

I had posted the same thing, before I edited. If you scroll down, there’s also a 3-pack. For $58, that’s a deal!

9+3=12, so yes. :slight_smile:

2013 Cockamamie Syrah-Petite Sirah Monastrell 750ml 9-Pack

Aroma: Cherry cobbler, strawberry, light allspice and cinnamon

Taste: Cherries/blueberries, licorice, earthy finish

2013 Cockamamie Monastrell Tempranillo 750ml 3-Pack

Aroma: Ripe blackberry, black cherry with mixed spice

Taste: Blackberry jam, ripe strawberries, with chokecherry and service berry finish.

Dangit - I’m so freaking sad I missed this! Got these before and loved them. Esp. the tempranillo.

Damn! Missed it, love this wine

Sorry I missed this, as well.

I shoulda stayed up late for this one.

Just got an email that this is cancelled as it doesn’t ship to Florida. FLorida? Really?
Everything ships to Florida