Twisted Oak Cockamamie Syrah Case

Great value here. Not much left.

Great stuff at a killer price. In for 3.

Well, all right then. I think this is the third case of this I’ve bought.

A very nice wine; true to its description; Cherries/blueberries, licorice, earthy finish. Just what I like. Petite Sirah dominates and makes the wine come out beautifully.

An SoCalers want to split?

Finally it shows up when I actually glance at the page…so finally got us a case. :happy:


Cory, want any?

Want to but no room and need to pass.

I’ll hold some for you lost. Unless I drink it all by the time I see you, of course.

I do not need more of this, but would gladly take four or six if any others are looking to split.

cool. four or six? We need to have a Fall SoCal gathering. Hope you can make it

I’m fine with either.

And +1 on the gathering.

Had to grab one more case, that’s number 3. Glad I got one the first time offered with half a case of the Tempranillo blend too, still have 1 bottle! Both blends are a great deal for a daily drinker, thanks Woot!

Trusted Wooters can’t be wrong,in for 1

Been eyeballing this every time it came up. Finally bit.

^^ This. You guys have spoken highly of it so could not resist.


Really shouldn’t, but in for 1.

Anybody got this yet? I still show “preparing for shipping”