Twisted Oak Mixed Red (3)

Twisted Oak Mixed Red 3-Pack
$59.99 (Winery Price plus shipping: $95.00)

2010 Calaveras County Carignane
2009 Calaveras County Petite Sirah
2009 Tanner Vineyard Syrah
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Previous Offer(s):
1/18/2012 - Mixed 3 pack with 2009 Carignane and 2007 Tanner Syrah (Jeff, any comments on differences in 2007 vs. 2009?)
9/18/2012 - 2008 PS (Jeff, also comments on this one vs. 2009?)

Note that Summer Shipping now is in effect ($2 more for regular WW shipping due to refrigerator trucks, and new $10 (per item, not per order) 2-day shipping option. EDIT: Note that it is per item, not per order. Per item means each set, not per bottle. So for this offer, each set you order is 1 item. 1 set is $10, 2 sets is $20, and so on.

Make sure when you order, you pick the correct option.

For those interested, the original 2007 thread about Summer Shipping.

Edit: The Grand Exalted Triple Tastemaster Supreme will return on Sunday.

Not surprised who’s first :wink:

Use the link below to get more info about all three of these wines at the Twisted Oak Winery web site.

If you have questions I’ll be checking in often - El Jefe

Had the 03’ tanner vineyard Syrah early this year and loved it. Plenty of life left in it too.

I would be all over this but all my storage is full plus some boxes in the closet. It’s a bummer.

We’ve been really happy with how the Tanner wines have developed with age.

As for the closet… clothes are overrated? :wink:

Aw shucks!

Well, you did put a PS and Syrah in the set! Plus Carignane is always tasty.

Um, guys … The Specs section still shows $5 shipping, so the MSRP is off by $2.

WD has been after me for months to do a sale… I saw the last few cases of Carignane sitting there and thought “well, why not?”

It IS really tasty!

I put links in for previous TO offers, and the 2010 Carignane (sold out on TO website) is one of them.

But the other two seem to be new for us, so any comments on the differences between the two previous offers (2008 PS vs this one, and the 2007 Tanner Syrah vs. this one)?

Oh great … now I have to see if they will up my order! :wink:

Good questions! The 2009 and 2010 Carignanes are very similar, with that big dose of blueberries. The general differences in the vintages really show with these wines. 2009 was a big sunny vintage, and the fruit and spice are front and center. 2010 was almost the opposite, a very cool summer where ripening was slow and arduous for the nervous winemaker - but it’s also great for flavor development. So the 2010 is a little reserved on the fruit but has more complexity with earthy chocolatey notes.

The story on the PS is the opposite - 2008 was a cool year so with the 2009 you’ll again see more fruit forward.

Edit: Whoops, how could I forget the Tanner Syrah? I would consider the 2007 and 2009 as being very similar in character, with the 2009 leaning more in the fruit forward direction. 2009 was just such a huge year, we had grapes coming out of our ears!

Curses Eljefe,
you too WD,
and MdS,
and PS.

What is a SIWBM?
in for 2
How can I not break down for this?

You popping up tomorrow for the gathering?

Thanks!! :happy:

I want to purchase 3 of these with two day shipping. When I click of the 2 day, it shows a shipping charge of $30. Is this correct or should it be $10?

I Love Twisted Oak! What is the drinking winow on these babies?

Things could still change, but planning on it.

Ermagherd, twersterd erk! Seeing as how we’re having our awesome Wootception there in August (ermagherd, yer all invited!) And my bonus just came in, I think we may have to purchase this!

#!%… we just had a extra expense due to daughters misplannig …I’m coming to wootception in Aug…I’m out of work til end of Aug…we will be hemoraging money all summer…how am I going to explain this!!! Saying. “But honey, it’s TO, and it’s on sale”…might help!!! Hmmm what to do…