Twisted Oak Mixed Red Case

Twisted Oak Mixed Red Case
$184.99 + $7.00 shipping
5 2006 Calaveras County Tempranillo
5 2006 Calaveras County *%#&@!
2 2007 Calaveras County “The Spaniard”
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I have no idea how I’ll be able to resist this.

Damn, if only they cut this in half, I’d be in. That just seems like such a huge commitment for something I know nothing about. It does sound really good though…

I agree, I’d be in for 1/2. I missed the Spainard last year.

Bank account and backlog for me. That and I’m moving soon. Otherwise, I’d definitely do this. I just can’t make a bulk order right now.

2006 Calaveras County *%#&@!

Hey thats what I said when i saw this deal!

Apropos my comment on shirt, and this being some fine *^%#! man…

Sadly I am about three cases over capacity… I’ve enjoyed my other TO offerings.

In. Really can’t resist TO Spaniard, Temp I like a lot to willing to try the other :slight_smile:

Regular Price for them is
2006 Calaveras County Tempranillo 24 (19.20)
2006 Calaveras County *%#&@! 18 (14.40)
2007 Calaveras County “The Spaniard” 49 (39.20)

Regular price = 308 (about 40% off) or 246.4 (about 25% off) if you join their club. Shipping is ~$1.5 a bottle so + ~$18.

congrats maryland! let’s make that state light up on the woot wine map for the first time. first MD buyer gets… wine in the mail. woot!

Look at the price, look at your bank balance, rinse and repeat as needed.

I’ll note that I have an unfair advantage in terms of resisting since they don’t ship to CT… not really being able to afford this helps too.

Ah! If it wasn’t 110 degrees in Phoenix I’d be all over this. I can’t place a $190 bet that they will arrive unharmed. I lost 2 Spaniards last summer to the heat during shipment.
This tempranillo got me hooked!

Hopefully you contacted w.w. and got a replacement. I’ve luckily never had a problem with the heat but by all accounts on these boards they’re good about replacing any wine that is cooked during shipment.

That being said you are still out the full amount and don’t have the wine, possibly for months, until it comes through again. You also run the risk of having it happen again.

WD and El Jefe…you conspire to make my storage overflow and my wallet underflow. I’m out of the !$@#@# and only have one bottle of the 06 Tempranillo. This means if somebody around here (Bay Area) wants to do a split not down the middle, I’m game.

I just hope I don’t wake up to a sellout! It’s entirely possible.

Oh…and El Jefe…if you have a minute, could you send along that bacon bread pudding recipe? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip! I wish I would’ve contacted them. Hm…that makes me want to take the chance and get in on this deal.

In for a case. Couldn’t resist. A glorious box of delicious is in the mail, can’t wait.

w00t - Maryland in the *%#&@! house!!!