Twisted Oak Mixed White (6)

Twisted Oak Mixed White 6-Pack
$84.99 $130.00 35% off List Price
2 2012 Twisted Oak Viognier, Calaveras County
2012 Twisted Oak Verdelho, Calaveras County
2013 Twisted Oak Picpoul, Calaveras County
2011 Twisted Oak, Ruben’s Blend, Calaveras County
2013 Twisted Oak Vermintino, Calaveras County
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WineDavid!!! I’m supposed to be making room for RPM Tour wines! :tongue:

BTW, SoCal #34 Irvine Wine Locker Raid - Date 7/19/2014 is happening Saturday. Come help me make room!!

Whew, made it.

Note that the Vermentino and Picpoul are not yet released and you won’t find them on our website. Woot gets them first!

Shoot, I’d love to. Got another commitment this weekend though. (Thanks!)

At least send the Chicken! Mine’s getting lonely!! Even with all the Woot! Monkeys around. :wink:

Wow! A completely awesome looking offer from a woot favorite and I’m out of extra cash for the month. The rest of you can enjoy this offer, I’m going to go sit in the corner and pout. :frowning:

can I just have the chicken?

Too bad I only bought one set …

Uh oh…

CT on the list, which may be a first. I know this is a woot favorite. Someone give me that extra push. We’re all a bunch of enablers. Let’s see if you can convince me before El Jefe wakes up out west.

Seems everyone wants the rubber chicken, WOOT. Me included. Give us the chicken!!!

I need an enabler also… :wink: someone…please twist my arm…“make” me push the button!!!that way I won’t be responsible for my actions!!

When will they ship? I’m going to a conference at the beginning of august, and I’m afraid I wont get them by then.

Buy it, you must!
Resitstance is Futile!
Everyone must be Twisted!

Too late. :wink: I do a quick rundown on all of the wines on the vintner voicemail. Maybe that will help?

We will ship the wine from the winery on Thursday and Woot will get it Friday. They usually want to ship as soon as they get it so maybe it goes out Monday. WD would have to verify that though.

Where do I find the voicemail? I have listened to them before, but can’t seem to locate it today.

Huh. I can’t either. On it.

So these are whites and I’m not getting the aging question - but actually we have found that the Viognier and especially the Ruben’s Blend really do lay down well for 5-7 years and develop some really interesting depth. Even the Verdelho has surprised us.