Twisted Oak Mixed White (6)

Like they will last that long at my house? Ha ha :slight_smile:

vintner voicemail should be in there now (or soon).

absolutely love the variety of this pack.

Twisted one of my favorites. Jeff is the man.

Love everything I’ve had from Twisted Oak - this was an autobuy for me this time around - in for 1 due to budget and space restraints, but wish I could do more.

Sign me up for the “free chicken with purchase” list, Woot…

At 13% to 14.5% alcohol these sound relatively hot for whites. What’s up with that?

So wish I could grab this set. This is the most evil pre-Tour few weeks of offers here. We need to be creating space, not gobbling it up!

Any chance we will see you in Sonoma during the Tour?

Your local copy editor here. Spelling correction needed on the “2013 Twisted Oak Vermintino, Calaveras County 750ml” description title. It should be Vermentino.

That being said: these sound wonderful and I’m sure, taste even better! We will be in on this order. El Jefe: You rock! :slight_smile:

Or at mine for that matter!

Well, these are warm climate whites made from warm climate varieties. It kind of goes with the territory, and I think you will find these wines to be balanced.

I’m not familiar with the tour I’m afraid. Someone should brief me in!

I promise it is spelled correctly on the bottle!

So do you - thanks!

You asked for it!
Wish your digs were closer to Napa/Sonoma so we could schedule a visit.
Want to come break bread and pull corks with us in Sonoma on the evening of Aug 6th?

Tour will be from 8/4 - 8/6 (Mon - Wed), with a Meet & Greet on Sunday evening (8/3).

Tour set back to 31 attendees – 6/20

The meet-n-greet is firming up for a 17:30~18:00 start time at the Sonoma Valley Inn Krug Event Center.

2014 RPM Magical History Tour(s) Interest thread

Check PMs in a little bit. :slight_smile:

I could maybe, but it’s a little close to our annual Cave Looting and I’d have to play by ear and I’d need to figure out a place to crash…

Another plan could be to host anyone interested here on the 7th.

PM for you…

my first wine woot purchase in 18 months, couldn’t resist.

Cellar Tracker review says the Rubens Blend has peaty, scotch like notes. Intriguing…

In for 1…can’t resist Twisted wines…and I finished the last of my Viognier and was “needing” more… :wink: I am blaming my fellow enablers!!!

Thank you!

There is a lot going on in there. Roussanne and Marsanne are like that.

It’s good to know people are there for each other!