Twisted Oak River Of Skulls (3)

Delivery by Halloween?

Twisted Oak River Of Skulls 3-Pack

[Edit] El Jefe is one of my favorite wine makers. Here’s a blog entry that describes the place, and this wine:

And with this I am among the most prolific posters today? What gives?

Boo hiss. No shipping to Ohio on this one.

Crap! Traffic Must pull car over to buy :slight_smile:

I have been boycotting all woot sites until Ohio gets added back to the wine.woot shipping list.

Grrrrrrr. This would have broken my SIWBM. Despising the recent shipping changes!!!

Maybe blame the government?

Want. Can’t.

I got excited when I saw this and then I saw the price and said nope. BTW, specs say 2010 bottle says 2009.

I’m not blaming anyone. It’s just a personal decision.

I feel sad that so many people are shut out, and wish that there were some way around it. It certainly explains why I was the first sucker on two offerings (KR Petite Sirah last night, and this one), but it doesn’t make me happy to know that others are shut out.

I’d bet anything that Woot isn’t happy about this, either. I’m pretty sure that Wine dot Woot was a good profit center, and this has to be painful to them.

Here’s hoping for an end to the shipping nonsense.

oh, om nom. if we hadn’t just received a giant shipment that we’re still trying to figure out where to stash, we’d be all over this.

way better than the Twisted Few price, even with shipping included.

hm, maybe i can twist hak’s arm anyway…

Agreed. I think I’m done buying until MN makes it back on. Heck, I can’t believe that WI is off. But, who cares? NY is back on…

/sour grapes

I, too, wish I could justify it. Got 2 bottles of the 2010 and one left of the 2009. Sure I could use 5 bottles, but nowhere to put them! And yes, this is a great price. Maybe tytiger will share some of his when we gather to drink :slight_smile:

So is this a legit wine for >$20/bottle - or is it more gimmick for the time of year?

I can guarantee it!

I’m not sure that the government is to blame. WOOT needs to be more forthcoming about this issue. They added New York back in but left Michigan out. I think it has more to do with collecting sales tax on mail order purchases BUT woot really does not adequately comment.

This isn’t a Halloween, gimmick wine. It just so happens that it matches the season, but this is serious juice.