Twisted Oak Syrah (3)

Twisted Oak Syrah 3-Pack
$44.99 $84.00 46% off List Price
2012 Twisted Oak Syrah

Great deal, on such a good wine.

better hurry.

Your “better hurry” got me, this seems like a great price. In for one.

hi all - In a nutshell, distributor asked me to set aside this wine in the Napa warehouse, distributor does not take the wine, wine sits at warehouse for a while, I notice wine is still sitting there - “oh *%#&@!” - WD says “got a deal?” and I say “why yes I do!”

This is 5 years from vintage and tasting great. Drink now or hold 3-5 years.

Cheers! - jefe

Damn. I desperately want this…

I agree :slight_smile:

El Jefe is an outstanding Winemaker and one of our favorites…even made the trip out to meet him in Murphys. These bottles are going into a deep sleep for a few years… along with the rest of his wines we are holding.

Buy a set and I’ll take 1 from you.

I would but it’s like 110 degrees raging up and down the state right now :frowning:

Very excited for this offer. In for 2, at least.

What’s with the Illinois hatred?!

Then I saw the button pulsating, so I clicked. And now it is sold out. First time I’ve done that!

Now just don’t ship this stuff until the heat dies down!

So glad I didn’t wait to buy! :happy:

Missed this damn it