Twisted Oak Tempranillo - 3 Pack

Twisted Oak Tempranillo - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
2 2006 Calaveras County Tempranillo
And ONE of the following chosen randomly:
1 2002 Calaveras County Tempranillo
1 2003 Calaveras County Tempranillo
1 2004 Calaveras County Tempranillo
1 2005 Calaveras County Tempranillo
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Previous offers:
6/2/08 (2005)
6/8/09 (2005)
7/12/11 (2006)
1/24/11 (2006)

Twisted Oak was my virgin WW. It is now an auto buy. Looking forward to some quality juice!

Someone was just asking about Twisted Oak

One of your favorites I take it

I love a mystery - but was not thrilled with this the last time I got it…

I shake my fist at thee, for putting up so delectable an offer that I can’t even justify with “But I already have a case of those in my cellar”.

Because you know I have like half my cellar full of Twisted Oak.

But no, you HAD to go and throw in the library selections, didn’t you? You just HAD to have them in there, randomly, to make me order three, and hope I get three different ones?

And then I go look at the specs, and I’m just thinking, Hot Damn I want 3 of the 2002s! Forget the others! But then, I think, it would be awesome to have the full vertical spectrum, so I want 2003,2004, and 2005 to go with the now-new-half-case of 2006s. But I still want that 2002! But I can only order three! But there’s 4 randoms!


Edit: Ooh look, I got first sucker :slight_smile:

I bought the mixed case that was offered a few weeks ago. Twisted Oak puts out some nice wine. If I didn’t still have several bottles to go, I’d definitely be in on this deal.

Oh, Woot! This is going to be an expensive day. I can tell already. I promised myself I’d buy any Twisted Oak that came up for sale and now I have to endure the anticipation of finding out which mystery bottle I get?!? Any winery with the rubber chicken as its unofficial mascot gets my money for sure.

In for one.

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How are the 02’s and 03’s holding up?

I think I might have a problem. From my CellarTracker, grouped by Producer:

Twisted Oak (70 bottles & 18 pending, 24.72%, $1,922.07, avg. 2007.2)

And that’s BEFORE putting in this purchase. 9 more bottles. And there’s a club shipment coming soon which will end up being a full case once I pad it out with the Graciano that’s sure to be released…

I completely agree. I found this one to be completely lifeless and very bland. Maybe just not a type that I enjoy. Used one bottle to make some sangria… fruit gave it more sweetness.

I did enjoy the *%#&@!

WAIT WAIT WAIT, I have 3 of the 2005! Make my randoms be 2002, 2003, 2004!

Well, I got my wish… I have loved all the other Twisted Oaks… going to click on the big button… not even 11 am and I am already buying… hmmmm… how am I going to justify today’s purchases?

El Jefe - such opportune timing for this Wine.Woot-off. We frequent your hilltop winery whenever we have guests in town(I just like the dirt road drive up there)! Anyway, after slowing growing our Twisted collection over the last few years some low life decided relieve us of it all last week (as well as a few other items around our place). Looking fwd to bringing our in-laws by this weekend and rebuilding. P.S. love the look of the new bar in the downtown location.

In for 2!

River of Skulls up next? :smiley: Please & thanks!

OMG! How awful!!

It is delicious and an excellent price and an excellent value and el jefe is an excellent winemaker and you should support excellence? :slight_smile:

I like that! I am all for supporting excellence!!! :slight_smile:

Seems like a ‘varietal’ woot-off… with all three offerings so far being Tempranillo :slight_smile:

I don’t think hubby liked it when I said I was trying to change the color of my square!!! And look, it changed!!! yippie!!