Twisted Oak Tempranillo - Three Pack

Twisted Oak Tempranillo - Three Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 2005 Tempranillo
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Previous offer:
6/8/09 (2005)

Well, crap.



Love the Twisted few!


My thoughts exactly!
I have to much wine, but can’t resist

gonna be a long couple of days. Maybe a return of the Wellington Merlot of a few weeks ago? I might be able to swing that…

Man, this woot-off is going to cost me a fortune! I’m hoping a couple of bottles of Twisted Oak Spainard pop up. I was in the process of buying when it sold out the last time.

Damnit! I haven’t paid the bills from the LAST wootoff yet!

Hey El Jefe! Welcome back!

Seconded. I would jump on this, but I have no idea what other goodies WD has cooked up for us. This could spell doom.

great price on a great wine … but after all I’m a twisted pimp … :slight_smile:

Man! They’ll let anyone in here, huh? :tongue:

Dagnabit…I haven’t bought in forever and just like that I’m in for two. Damn.

Was going to say, WELL-COME from the other side. Good to start bringing over those WLTV peeps. No reason why we can’t share info…I know there are a fair number of us who frequent over there as well.

I’m always on the hunt for a good deal … or 2 … or 3 … cheers!

NYPaD :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in. One of my all time favorites at an all time price.

Cheers is right. Enjoyed your episode a while back(month or two? somewhere in there). We tend at times toward the more traditional, but we have certainly had our share of bomby wines as well. And now with 5 offers a week, we can only hope to add a few more international offers and bombastic domestics as well!