Twisted Oak - The Spaniard (3)

Twisted Oak - The Spaniard 3-Pack
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2012 The Spaniard

No brainer! :slight_smile:

CorTot - PM for you


All of the wines in eljefe’s portfolio are crafted with great care by a highly skilled winemaker who knows how to let the grapes speak for themselves. Bahwm and I enjoyed a bottle of the 2011 Spaniard just 2 weeks ago, and I have to say it was a standout amongst a number of wonderful Twisted Oak wines we’ve loved in the past few years. A similar blend, 59% Tempranillo, 22% Graciano, 19% Garnacha, with 14.8% ABV. Not a hint of heat on the nose or the palate, plenty of dark red fruit. Worthy of some additional cellaring for the remaining bottles. I’m sure this one will be likewise. Chipgreen and tytiger called it a no brainer. I’d call it a ddeuddeg autobuy. :tongue:

Wakin’ up the left coast with a purchase of eljefes’ flagship blend.
Yup, yet another true autobuy.

True auto buy. And cheaper than member pricing. I haven’t bought from woot in a while, but this has me in.

Yup, agreed with ddeuddeg and Ron. I haven’t tasted the 2011 yet, even. Given ddeuddeg’s tasting note, though, maybe I’ll open one with a rack of lamb in the next few months.

I’d probably go with a PS, but this would be an excellent choice, as well. An extremely versatile wine, great on its own, but even better with food.
EDIT: You referred to it as a tasting note, fair enough, but I was unwilling to post it as such because of the different vintage. I’m such a purist.

Do it!

Thanks for pulling the trigger!

yea, big fan of eljefe and his wines.

Thanks to some TNs from well known wooters, I’m still sitting on some '07’s and not even thought about an '11 yet.
Perhaps Jeff could comment on some of the older ones, should he pop his fingers into the thread later.
Those Christmas mixed mystery assortments a from few years ago were the real thing, and got me to appreciate what TO offers.


In for 1!!!

Of all the winemakers in Calaveras County (and there are now MANY), Twisted Oak makes the greatest selection of superb wines. Out of the dozens of tasty varietals they make, The Spaniard is by far their most impressive. Add the fact that this delicious wine is named after one of the characters from the Princess Bride, and you’ll understand why so many wooters (myself included) consider this an auto-buy (as in: there’s nothing to think about, just get it).

Thanks El Jefe, this is what I was hoping for during the last Woot Off.

I meant I’d open a 2011 :slight_smile:
The 2012 will sit at least a year I suspect before I even think of opening it.

Among my favourite woots ever. Especially with the library wines mixed in. Or was that a separate pack…it had a lot of Murgatroyd in it.

For four bottles I might indulge. For three… sigh, too far from my $1/oz limit.