Twisted Oak - The Spaniard (3)

Twisted Oak - The Spaniard 3-Pack
$89.99 $165.00 45% off List Price
2012 The Spaniard

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My name is Wino-Joe Montoya. You killed my bottle of Spaniard. Prepare to die!

Man I really want this! :slight_smile:

Edit: In for my first wine woot since the last April the last time this was offered. Not worried about hot shipping this time. The Spaniard is my kryptonite!

Just gotta do it!

I’d like to buy this, but CT is not on the list of states. By the way, why is CT considered to be a “buzz kill” state, when I get other wines delivered from Woot to there? I realize wineries have to apply for shipping into the state, but if I can buy other wines from Woot and get them shipped to CT, then this wine also could be shipped to CT if the winery went through the rigamarole.

I have been unable to buy this wine as I live in “The People’s Republic” of CT but have noted the enthusiasm for these wines for years.

However I’m not quite sure I understand the concept of California Ribera Del Duero. Is that the goal of wines such as this? I can get excellent versions of the genuine article cheaper than this, certainly than the retail price.

Does this region of CA do something unique to Tempranillo?

No shipping to South Dakota AGAIN. No state income tax but no direct wine shipments - quite a tradeoff.

I’m considering an appeal to wootleggers in Minnesota - anybody placing an order?

I’m not sure, but I can tell you Jeff makes outstanding wines and we’ve been to his Winery in Murphys.

A’rrrrrrrrgh…!! Tennessee is listed as a good ship to state, but when I tried to place my order it would not let me saying I could not ship to Tennessee

$10 less than prior as well…


Nice price on these!
El Jefe continues to make great wine that I can afford, cheers to you you old pirate. Coming into port taking our money!

Does this mean you actually drank all of your other bottles of this!?

I thought it was my wife’s dessert, she’s gonna be pissed!

In for one, can’t pass this up!

Last wooter to woot:bolligra

Not a requirement, but one is missing.
Unlike Sparky, I do (try to) drink my stash down. :tongue:

Now don’t you go telling your lovely wife lies! In the dessert world she is still my kryptonite and second to none :slight_smile:

Let me alert the folks in charge. Hopefully we’ll have this sorted out soon. Thanks for reporting the trouble!

Sorry for the confusion, but each winery is responsible for their own shipping licenses for each state. Some state licenses are more expensive or difficult to acquire. Therefore, the shipping states will vary from sale to sale.

Ok, TN has been added to the shipping states. Everything should be good to go.