Twisted Oak - The Spaniard (3)

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You spilled my wine. Prepare to die.

Twisted Oak has always shipped to OH, can somebody please check? (Bought the 2012 vintage of this wine earlier in the year)

The description says 3 bottles but under features it lists 5…? 5 bottles for $100 is a great deal!!!

That brings up another question. Is this for 2012 or 2013? Description shows 2013 but under features is for 2012. Hangover from turkey day?

12 or 13 I don’t care I’m always in for the Spaniard :slight_smile:

at 3 for $100?

Leaving for the day, hopefully this will be offered again before EOY… with a correct list of ship-to states.

Oh yeah!

5x for $100 is an easy autobuy. 3 more 2012 for the same price I paid earlier is not for me right now.

And since the “what do you get” says (5), I’m in. If that ends up being an error, then I’ll just cancel or send it back as the case may be.

Which the heck is it ??? 3 OR 5???

The winery sells it for $36.75 if you sign up on their website.

$36.75 / bottle
Twisted Few price
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Not much of deal if it is 3. Great one if it is for 5. How hard is it woot?

It’s 3 of the 2012 vintage. We didn’t have images for the 2013.

Actually you did have images of the 2012…who’s on first? ha!

I FIXED IT! You replied too fast! :wah:


Haha if all the images/decriptions/shipping states etc were always correct this would not be woot :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that shipping is included in the price here. :slight_smile:

Sorry TT but now we are really confused, 2012 or 2013?

So is it the 2012 or 2013 in this offer?