Twisted Oak - Three Pack

Similar to an offer back in 2008, yet these wines are $10 cheaper. Gods, I want a real job before the next one of these starts…

Note: In the picture the wines are from 2005, but they are assuredly 2006’s.

What’s the drinking window on these bad boys?

Twisted Oak - Three Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2006 Grenache
1 2005 Tempranillo
1 2006 *%#&@!
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Winery website

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Cellar Track has some good rating- but I guess that doesn’t mean much

Can anyone chime in?

Just browsing wine.woot while woot classic has the shirts up, and I have to say, this is one of the best product write-ups I have seen! Nice work!

It is taking forever for my order to go through…

I think the woot writers need to get out more.


… in for 3 …

Don’t anyone go look at my cellar. Shut up. I know.


Are these sweet wines, dry wines or something in between?

Any NoVA-ites willing to take the Grenache off my hands?

Here’s a link to the wine web pages and stuff:

Twisted Oak Wine Woot page

I’m here if you have any (quick!) questions!

  • El Jefe (Jeff)

Dry, dry, and dry!

Lmao!!! This was a frickin’ hilarious write up to me, too!

They are all dry.

How do I subscribe to Woothouse Forum? Hot!

Those 187 bottles aren’t going to drink themselves, ya know? I’ll gladly help :)!

I see these holding up at least two more years if not more.

Same problem here …

Again you have left Tennessee off the approved shipping states list. So I guess I just can’t get this brand!