Twisted Oak Winery 3-Pack

Twisted Oak Winery 3-Pack
$54.99 (Normally $89.85) 39% off List Price
2009 River of Skulls
2010 *%#&@!
2009 “Cockamamie” Syrah

In for 3. Never been disappointed by El Jefe’s wine.

Had some Twisted Oak a few years ago - liked it a lot. Unfortunately, thanks to buzzkill stick-in-the-mud legislators, they don’t ship to my state…

I have yet to be disappointed by Twisted Oak offerings from Woot, either from taste or value. Always an autobuy.

Poo. What state?

NJ. Direct shipping is legal (with limits), but not from Twisted Oak, apparently. Sad face.

Darn, I was being so good not buying anything, but I’m in for the River.

You should meet some NYC wooters and get a wootlegger

Cellar Tracker links please?

In for the max!

Autobuy, in for two.

Yes, sad face. We were all excited about getting NJ legal and then they threw a huge corporate tax in our face. Hopefully that will get fixed soon.

long time wooter, potential first time wine-wooter. I want this, but woot recommends shipping to a business address. I live in a state that permits booze shipments, but work in one that does not. What do you users say? do you have things shipped to your home with confidence?

In for 3…

Thanks for continuing to ship to NH!

I really should drink some of the Twisted Oak I have to see if I should start buying more or not (I basically haven’t because I figure the answer will be yes, and I don’t have the money and space for more yeses).

El Jefe, how is the 2007 Tanner Syrah drinking now, and how would you compare that the cockamamie syrah being offered here?

El Jefe, thanks for putting up the River of Skulls! I’ve got my two sets. I see screwcaps on the other two…what are the drinking windows?

Yes, they only recommend shipping to a business address because then you will be guarenteed to have someone there to sign for the package. Since it is wine, someone over 21 has to be there to sign for the package. You can always have the package redirected to the nearest fed-ex store once it is shipped if you won’t be home to sign for and receive it.

I have mine shipped to my home, but after I get the shipping notification from Woot, I go to the tracking site and change the delivery to hold the box at the FedEx location nearest my house. Then, I pick it up on my way home from work. It’s super convenient.

These are fairly new releases. I just looked at Cellar Tracker and don’t see any entries yet. Basic info about the wines at