Twisted Oak Winery Twistedly Rhone-y (3)

Twisted Oak Winery Twistedly Rhone-y (3)
$49.99 $91.00 45% off List Price
2012 Twisted Oak Syrah-Viognier
2013 Twisted Oak Syrah
2013 Twisted Oak Viognier

Still lovin’ that mixed case of Cockamamie. Can we get us some Spaniard to go with these?

Thanks El Jefé, in for a couple, but 14.85 has a much nicer ring to it.
And can we get some additional lab notes for these?

Sure theyre Twistedly Rhone-y, but are they tender?


Would love to see the geek sheets on these.
With just the Rhone-y wines it’s a very-much-want-to-buy, but throw in the Sir-Ron-Yeah and dammit, I have to do it.

How about a message of El Jefe losing track of time? I’ve never had so much lead time on a woot deal - it seems like months ago we set this up - and I just now realized “holy crap it’s tonight!”

Thanks for asking about the technical details. I’m not doing geek sheets any more, but ask me what you want and I’ll fill you in.

Thanks for the nice offer el jefe! What’s the percentage of the Viognier in the Syrah vio blend?

Vineyard Notes
92% Syrah from the Tanner Vineyard, 8% Viognier from the Dalton Vineyard

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?
What is the flying speed of an unladen swallow?
Does this internet make me look fat?
Why is Sparky your favorite?
Do I buy 1, 2, or 3?
Do I have to tell Coffeemate that I already bought 3?

So many questions, so little bandwidth.

Edit: OK, I bought 2. Still don’t tell Coffeemate. Shhhhh.

Thank you.

I’m sure glad these are rhetorical questions… they are, right?

So if the Syrah is 100% from Tanner Vineyards, why not label it as such?

It’s a marketing thing. When we do a vineyard designate wine we use selected barrels for a special limited bottling. It’s just how we’ve done things.

In for 3 to get my black square… here is to #100. Twisted Oak being a decent amount of them. Seems fitting. TY WD

El Jefe tha man. Guess I will open a Spaniard tonight to celebrate the 100 purchase. =)

I feel honored :wink:

El Jefe can you compare/contrast your Syrah/Viognier to either Bonny Doon Vineyard Black & White & Red All Over or Biggio Hamina Cellars Syrah XVII ?

I’m afraid I haven’t had those wines…

A few things about this blend…

Blending Syrah and Viognier is a style started in the Côte-Rôtie appellation of the northern Rhône. It has since become a popular thing to do in South Africa and Australia, and is just catching on here.

It’s actually not a blend like you would normally think of it. Instead of blending finished wine later in the cellaring process - like most blended wines - this blend is co-fermented. In fact, skins from pressed Viognier are also added to give an extra boost of that floral character.

Because they are co-fermented we need to have both Syrah and Viognier harvested at the same time. This doesn’t happen very often in our location so we don’t get to do this every year.

Don’t forget tonight …