Twisted Root Big Mozzi Hammock, 3 Colors

This is perfect for camping!!!

our kids and their cousins love these things for camping. And take up so little space. Think of getting the hammock awnings now. Rain is the one thing not good in an open hammock.

Is this a Double hammock?

Nope, just a single. I bought one of these when they first came on here for $10. Great quality hammock

Double doesn’t mean much. It’s just a marketing term popularised by ENO.

It just means a hammock is extra wide. ENO always claimed it was wide enough for 2 people, but in relality it just doesn’t work well. Put 2 people in a hammock and at first it’s ok, but time and gravity slowly push you together in the lowest point of the hammock. Try and sleep 2 people in a hammock and in a few hours you’re just a mass of compressed sweaty people lumped together in a hammock. It’s awful.

Then, when you try and use a “double” hammock with one person, they extra width of fabric just becomes loose material that flaps in your face in the wind.

This hammock is a nice width. Without too much extra material. When you lay in the hammock correctly (diagonal) there is plenty of width to lay flat, without it swallowing you.