Twisted Root Big Mozzi Hammock, 4 Colors

Does this come with suspension ropes or straps? Looks like no?

These come with marine grade ropes and carabiners that are ready to anchor. Best paired with our Twisted Tree Straps but looks like Woot is sold out atm

Is the image for the green/bright green hammock color correct?

Yep. If you receive a different color you should contact Customer Service and they’ll make it right.

Great review over on the website:

My wife and I have these. Previously owned the Yukon Outfitters version of the same style hammock which were stolen. My wife said they seemed thinner than the Yukon outfitters version. I’m not sure. I did notice that it was easier to fall back into the netting while drunk at night in the wilderness. If my wife hadn’t been there I’d still be trapped. Other than that, I found it lovely. The wiregate carabiners that come with were nice. I feel they are better than the Yukon Outfitters mosquito hammock.

I own two of your rainflys as well has two hammocks. I ended up buying two different sets of straps which work alright (not great). I just wonder if you would make an XL version of your rain fly. I didn’t experience a storm when I tested mine recently, but felt that coverage would be minimal. They certainly are comparable in coverage to the ENO rainfly that I owned previously. I know that ENO makes an XL rainfly, but would rather buy a Twisted Root.