Twisted Root Cryo Coolers

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Twisted Root Cryo Coolers
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If you’re all heated up from missing out on all those Bags o’ Crap, grab a cool one from one of this Twisted Root coolers.


? None available.

HOWEVER, not to be thwarted by the loss of a deal, one may find THESE coolers a nice alternate choice. Looks like the same, just the name is different and you can had the 40qt for the same price as the 20qt here. I’m looking for a decent 6 or 12 can HEAVY DUTY box. No need for a 20qt

You can now buy the knockoff brand at the big retail store that starts with the letter “W” for a significantly cheaper price. Woot used to be my favorite site to check daily but I’m losing my faith very quickly with them!!!

I guess I’m just old-fashioned, but I don’t get the draw of these coolers. I guess if you are going somewhere super remote, I can see it, but my $30 Coleman cooler does just fine. The $200 I saved will buy me lots of ice! Not to mention, it weighs a fraction of these monsters.

You just addressed your issue with these types of coolers. They don’t fit your needs but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit others’.

Whats the difference between these and say a Coleman? I see they are all the rage now with multiple companies jumping in the game. Just curious.

I would love to own one, especially if they kept ice for 10 days. Ice retention means everything to me. The reason I do not buy one is NOT the price, it is the fact they take up too much room and they are too heavy. I have a small RV that I took the refrigerator out and I depend on a cooler now. But I can get a 100 quart Coleman where I can not even fit a 40 quart Pelican. So I still use a Coleman which works fine.

And I am someone who could care less about the latest “fad” as another posted.

For some, these make sense. I don’t deny that, but those folks are really few and far between. They are just the newest “it” product and the fad will fade in a year or two and then a bunch of 20-somethings will have $300 coolers sitting around collecting dust 51 weekends of the year…

I was skeptical as well. I bought an RTIC version which is half the cost of a YETI.

You have to pre-chill them for 12 hours before use but once you do, amazeballs. I’ve had ice stay solid for up to a week.

My Coleman is much lighter and has more space but even with pre-chill, in 24 hours my adult beverages are swimming in the meltwater, not riding the Floe of Good Cold Times.

Whatcha want, whatcha really really want?

If you buy the COOLer, that starts in Y and ends in I, whatever you do, don’t put a sticker with the name on your vehicle.

There is apparently a name for folks that do that…

Yeah, his reply was pretty clear. I feel the same, and with the same qualifier. Been using an old cooler for many years for the occasional car trip. Need to keep things cool, in the car, under a quilt, for up to 8 hours. These would not only be overkill, but the weight is an issue also.

Nailed it!

Sorry i meant to post this for the sake of reviews but there are only 2 lol

Yeah, like whats the different between a Yeti stainless steel tumbler vs RTIC other then the 10 or more bucks difference in price? The ONE thing that is different is, you seem to get more after thought options with a yeti but how many “straws” and lids do you need?

The top-end rotomolded coolers (of which this may not be one; I don’t recognize the name) are intended for use over long periods of time in remote places, including the hot Utah desert. I do the 4-day 100-mile White Rim (Canyonlands) mountain bike ride every spring, with truck support, and good coolers are essential for decent food and cold beers at the end of each day. I also have a small raft and do the 6-day San Juan river run, and again, the Coleman-style coolers just don’t cut it for keeping food safely cold.

If you’re just car-camping and can easily drive to a store for ice refills, you don’t need a heavy-duty cooler. But these are not fads; they fill a specific need.

I will add a disclaimer that I have no idea whether these coolers actually have ice retention times of top-end coolers. I couldn’t find any tests or reviews for this brand.

I’ve been a fan of the Igloo coolers myself. For years, I’ve been using this cooler during my week stay in the woods with our scout troop. Using a beach towel over the items inside the cooler adds more time before total meltdown. A couple of frozen milk jugs of water, with a layer of almost frozen water bottles would last the whole week. However, I doubt it was bear (or scout) proof. People are drawn to the “rugged” nature of the new fad of coolers because maybe it makes them feel tough or something. But there are some who used these before the mass market craze and know they work and can handle some abuse. Unless you are planning a pack mule trip to the outback, these are heavy and over kill for tail gaters or trips to grandmas over in the next state. I did find a 22 dollar 18 can cooler that will fit my needs and my budget for something I might use a half dozen times a year.